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Make Meetings Great Again

In our not too distant history, American corporate culture once used meetings to increase productivity by staying on the same page. 

Not anymore.

Meetings have become a dreaded time suck. The majority of the American working public sees meetings as utterly useless. Meetings are where one person drones on and on while the rest of the team pays as little attention as possible.

Time to Change that.

In Make Meetings Great Again Jeff Whittle and his son Clayton Whittle combine their decades of experience in Change Management Consulting, condensing it into 25 simple ideas that will revolutionize how your team holds meetings. Jeff and Clayton have used their ideas to help companies across the country to change their meeting culture. They've worked with businesses from every industry and every size; from local fast food chains to billion dollar manufacturers. All of them have experienced success.

The teams that Jeff and Clayton work with usually see:
- increased team health and trust
- more honest communication
- increased efficiency in meetings
- increase in the number of problems the team solves
- more confident teams

It's time to make your meetings great again

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