Entrepreneurial Operating System: EOS Youtube

eos youtube channel (Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels)

New EOS Youtube Channel This week I’m excited to introduce a new EOS Youtube channel dealing specifically with the struggles of running your business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (or EOS® for short). The channel is actually called the Whittle & Partners Youtube Channel. But, the content is hyper focused on helping business owners using…

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EOS Vision Without Traction: The Entrepreneurial Operating System

EOS Vision (thanks to https://www.pexels.com/@pixabay)

If you’re self implementing EOS®, I want you to stop and read this next sentence very carefully, because it is the most important thing to remember about EOS: You can’t have EOS Vision™ without EOS Traction™. Period. If you’re self implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or if you’ve just started looking into the system, you’ve…

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Just What Is EOS Traction Anyway?

what is eos traction (special thanks: https://www.pexels.com/@rodolfoclix)

So you’ve heard about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® from a few friends and colleagues. They are always talking about Traction™ and how great EOS® is for their business. They tell you how Traction is helping them get things done across the board. But what is EOS Traction exactly? Traction Vs Planning First, Traction is all…

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