Jeff Whittle’s EOS Basics: What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

90 minute meeting: Thanks to

The 90 Minute Meeting™ is one of the most important meetings you will have on your EOS® Journey. One of the things I always tell clients who ask about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is that it isn’t for everybody. Sure, that’s not very good salesmanship, but it’s honest. And honesty is the essence of the…

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How To Make Decisions And Influence Your Business: EOS Shiny Stuff

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If you follow my blog, you understand that the Entrepreneurial Operating System® isn’t for people who are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Real entrepreneurs are out there making the opportunities happen. They are looking for places to grow their business, building strategies to make that growth happen, and executing. Easy as 1,2,3,…

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Proud To Work With: KPost Roofing Dallas

kpost roofing dallas

I’m proud to be working with KPost Roofing Dallas. There is simply no other way to put it. As a Certified EOS® Implementer, I am lucky enough to work with truly amazing people from nearly every industry imaginable. Today, though, I’d really like to share some of what makes me proud to work with KPost…

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Are you selling too cheap?

I observed a role-playing sales exercise at a recent national business conference.  One person was assigned to be the buyer, one person was the salesperson.  After exchanging pleasantries the buyer asked “so, how much do these widgets cost?” “The list price is $1,000,” the seller replied quickly “but if you’ll buy today I can discount…

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