Time Management

How The EOS Level 10 Meeting Simplifies Conflict Management At Work

conflict resolution

When most people think about conflict at work, their minds go somewhere negative. After years of dealing with managers and leaders who don’t understand good conflict management practice, they have (understandably) formed that opinion that conflict at work should be avoided. But, healthy conflict is a linchpin of growth and progress. It’s rooted in our…

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What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

I’ve been a certified EOS® implementer for a good long while now. In that time I’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners who were considering implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in their organization. When I tell people that the first step is sitting down for an EOS 90 Minute Meeting they are usually just confused.…

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Put An End To Useless Meetings: Stop Politicking. Start Solving

Useless meetings, EOS, Dallas EOS, Dallas Entrepreneurial Operating System, Dallas Traction

If you read this blog, you know that I hate useless meetings. I talk about how much I hate them a lot. And, I try to make recommendations to help my readers make them less useless. Unfortunately, useless meetings are a lot like a bad smell. You can’t just wave around a candle and have the problem solved. Maybe it’s…

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