Simple Tips For Managing Healthy Conflict In Meetings

healthy conflict

If you’re having truly productive meetings, your team is experiencing conflict. If you disagree, I’m afraid your meetings probably aren’t as productive as you’d like. Either that, or you aren’t aware of the conflict. Most of my readers, though, are well aware that having conflict in their meetings is a great thing. Healthy conflict resolution…

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Are You Pushing Your EOS Level 10 Meeting Down The Ladder?

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When an organization starts using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS® for short) the EOS Level 10 Meeting ™ is one of the first tool they get comfortable with. The clear structure and the proven commitment to a regular timed meeting are part of that. Of course, the fact that a properly run Level 10 Meeting is the…

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How To Make Decisions And Influence Your Business: EOS Shiny Stuff

EOS shiny stuff, dallas eos implementer, dallas entrepreneurial operating system, dallas eos, dallas executive coach

If you follow my blog, you understand that the Entrepreneurial Operating System® isn’t for people who are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Real entrepreneurs are out there making the opportunities happen. They are looking for places to grow their business, building strategies to make that growth happen, and executing. Easy as 1,2,3,…

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How To Build A Great EOS Issues List

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How To Build A Great EOS® Issues List Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” In the book How To Be A Great Boss, Gino Wickman and Renee Boer claim execution requires Traction®. That’s what the EOS® is all about: Traction. And, it starts with a great Issues List. Learn how to get your…

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