You Don’t Need Leadership Team Building. You Need Change.

leadership team building (Photo by from Pexels)

Nothing Wrong With Leadership Team Building I don’t want it to sound like I’m harping on leadership team building. Quite the contrary. As an EOS® Implementer I guide leadership teams through a pretty serious amount of trust building exercises and coaching. There’s nothing wrong with wanting (and working towards) a healthy leadership team. When leadership…

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How To Be A Bad Boss And Ruin Your Company In 10 Steps

be a bad boss (photo thanks to

Tired of running a successful, healthy company? Long for the days of constant stress and always worrying if this week would be the last. Stop succeeding and get back to the old days with these proven tools. No more healthy, happy employees that treat each other with respect. No more reaching long-term growth goals. Just…

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Are You An EOS Visionary Or An EOS Integrator?

EOS integrator or EOS visionary

So, which is it? Are you and EOS Visionary ™ or an EOS Integrator™? If you didn’t have an answer immediately, it means your Accountability Chart™ may be off. When a business switches to the Entrepreneurial Operating System, all the old roles go out the window as you switch to a much more efficient and…

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A Speechwriter’s Handbook: The EOS Core Values Speech

core values speech

Alright. Your leadership team is finally done hammering out the EOS® Core Values. You debated them for hours. They’ve been put through every test you could think of. The team has asked themselves if the values are honest, and if the team actually lives by them. Finally, you’ve word-smithed them into something you wouldn’t mind…

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EOS Visionary Or EOS Integrator Quiz

eos visionary or integrator

Note: At the end of the quiz click on “finish”. Then, scroll up to see your Visionary or Integrator results. Once you know if you’re an EOS Visionary or an EOS Integrator, read up on how to best fill that role in your business. When a Visionary and Integrator work together correctly, your business will…

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