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Get The Most From Your EOS® Vision Traction Organizer ™

vision traction organizer

So, you’ve completed your Vision Building Days, usually called VB1™ and VB2™ by the very creative EOS® Implementers. You’ve spent hours of working on your EOS Core Values™ and learning many of the amazing tools the the EOS Toolbox™. And you walked away with something truly awesome, an EOS Vision Traction Organizer ™(or the V/TO…

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EOS Vision Without Traction: The Entrepreneurial Operating System

EOS Vision (thanks to

If you’re self implementing EOS®, I want you to stop and read this next sentence very carefully, because it is the most important thing to remember about EOS: You can’t have EOS Vision™ without EOS Traction™. Period. If you’re self implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or if you’ve just started looking into the system, you’ve…

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Improve EOS Annual Planning And Meet Annual Goals With Jeff Whittle

eos annual planning (increase revenue)

Properly handling your EOS® annual planning session is no easy task. No matter how you cut it. Whether your business is just now going through their first EOS annual planning session or their fifth. It’s always a time of tough conversations and easy to make missteps. The Entrepreneurial Operating System®’s approach to annual planning is…

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EOS Rocks: Sometimes Traction Means Making Mistakes

EOS Rocks

The first time you and your team sit down to set your EOS Rocks™, you probably left the room bright eyed and full of positive energy.  For the first time in a long time, you felt like you had real control. The leadership team had bickered a bit about exactly what EOS Rocks to set,…

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How To Set Company Goals: EOS Rocks ™

How To Set Company Goals

How To Set Company Goals: EOS Rocks ™ Few things are more important in a business than knowing how to set company goals. It doesn’t matter if you run a 1-person operation, a small business, or a corporate production facility; without goals you’re just driving in circles. And, if you’re going in circles, it doesn’t matter…

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EOS Vision And A Strategy For The Future Of Your Company

EOS Vision, Eos Implementer, Entrepreneurial operating system, Dallas Traction

EOS® Vision And A Strategy For The Future Of Your Company   Modern businesses toss the term “vision” around a lot these days. Consultants and colleagues alike will tell you that you need a “vision” without ever telling what exactly a vision is. Plenty will even tell you that their “vision” is the right one…

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