Jeff Whittle To Become First EOS Implementer In Amarillo Texas

OK. So, I apologize, sometimes I just can’t stop myself from writing titles that sound like news articles. Years writing for local newspapers and magazines will do that. But, while the title was a bit “over the top”, it is true. After years of being one of the premier Certified EOS Implementers in the Dallas…

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Why You Need A Growth Consultant In Amarillo Texas

growth consultant in amarillo (Photo by from Pexels)

In the old days I never would have thought there would be a real need for a growth consultant in Amarillo. Amarillo never had the hustle and bustle of Dallas or Houston. Instead, it had established businesses with long-standing relationships with the community. But, that’s just not the case these days. Sure there are still…

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Jeff Whittle: Amarillo Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer

amarillo entrepreneurial operating system

 Jeff Whittle “With 35 years of professional experience I’m one of the most highly trained and highly experienced EOS® Implementers operating in the  United States. I worked tirelessly in Dallas to earn the title of Certified EOS Implementer. And that’s not just a title yo u can buy. It takes years of maintaining strict standards…

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6 Steps To Find a Change Management /Business Consultant in Amarillo

So, your business is going through the kind of awesome growth that requires some internal changes. It’s always good news to be growing, but you’re smart and you realize that uncontrolled growth can be dangerous. That’s why you’re looking for a growth / change management business consultant in Amarillo. There are plenty of ways to…

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