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core values speech

A Speechwriter’s Handbook: The EOS Core Values Speech

Alright. Your leadership team is finally done hammering out the EOS® Core Values. You debated them for hours. They've been put through every test you could think of. The team has asked themselves if the values are honest, and if...
reinforcing core values

EOS Best Practices: Reinforcing EOS Core Values On Your Team

So you've taken the time to set your EOS® Core Values. You and the leadership team have spent who knows how long identifying the what you really stand for, condensing that into a few short words, and agreeing that those...
entrepreneurial operating system

What Is The Entrepreneurial Operating System? Here’s The No BS Answer.

I was at an event recently and someone asked me, "What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System ®?" For a minute I thought about giving them the canned answer that you (my clients and readers) have probably heard before. You know...


Jeff Whittle Dallas EOS Implementer

Meet the Founder

Jeff Whittle founded and launched Whittle & Partners in 2011.  Before that, Jeff practiced law in Dallas for 15 years and has an additional 20 years of executive business experience in running start ups all the way to 300 - employee operations. Jeff is a certified EOS® Implementer that works with small companies and companies with billions of dollars of annual revenue alike. Jeff is a published author and has recently released a guide to running successful meetings based on his years of experience. 

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