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EOS Tools, Dallas EOS, ( Photo by from Pexels)

EOS Tools Overview: Get Traction Today With These Free Tools (part 2)

The EOS Tools Cont. This is part 2 of a series giving the basics of the EOS Tools (that's Entrepreneurial Operating System®). If you want to read the fist part, which includes basics on using these tools and the first...
EOS Toolbox, Dallas EOS (thanks to Photo by from Pexels for photo)

EOS Toolbox Overview: Get Traction Today With These Free Tools (part 1)

So, you've heard about Traction by Gino Wickman and you're starting to hear the Entrepreneurial Operating System® buzzwords around town. Friends at your local EO or Vistage chapter meetings are throwing around the tools of the EOS® Toolbox™ like you...
how to hire an executive coach (thanks to

How (And Why) To Hire An Executive Coach

Have you ever heard of an athlete without a coach succeeding in their sport? Did you ever look at Tiger Woods and think to yourself, "I bet he taught himself to do that with no help at all,"? Of course...


Jeff Whittle Dallas EOS Implementer

Meet the Founder

Jeff Whittle founded and launched Whittle & Partners in 2011.  Before that, Jeff practiced law in Dallas for 15 years and has an additional 20 years of executive business experience in running start ups all the way to 300 - employee operations. Jeff is a certified EOS® Implementer that works with small companies and companies with billions of dollars of annual revenue alike. Jeff is a published author and has recently released a guide to running successful meetings based on his years of experience. 

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