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Running On EOS: What Is Right People Right Seats?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® wasn’t the first business system to say you need the right people in the right seats. Far from it. When Gino Wickman asked me to read his book, Traction, I had been hearing the idea of right people right seats for years. But, EOS® is different from most systems for running your…
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EOS integrator or EOS visionary

Are You An EOS Visionary Or An EOS Integrator?

So, which is it? Are you and EOS Visionary ™ or an EOS Integrator™? If you didn’t have an answer immediately, it means your Accountability Chart™ may be off. When a business switches to the Entrepreneurial Operating System, all the old roles go out the window as you switch to a much more efficient and…
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EOS GWC (thanks to

EOS GWC: Can You Tell The Difference Between “Get It” And “Capacity”?

When you start your EOS® journey, you’re going to have a lot of questions. One of those is going to be around the concept of EOS GWC™, or Get it, Want it, have the Capacity to do it. After my clients get a solid understanding of GWC, someone on the team usually raises their hand…
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EOS Vision Traction Organizer (V/TO)

Vision Traction Organizer: Drive Revenue For 10 Years With EOS

Revenue growth doesn’t come easy. You need a plan and the people to make that plan a reality. It all starts with an EOS® Vision Traction Organizer™. This quick guide will show you exactly what you need to start getting your business on track for real growth that lasts. So, What Is A Vision Traction…
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eos hiring process

Jeff Whittle On The EOS Hiring Process: People That “Get It” And “Want It”

One of the first things I cover during an EOS® Implementation is the concept of GWC™. My clients know that by lunch on the first day of using the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, they’ve already built their Accountability Chart™. A huge part of that is learning how Get It, Want It, Capacity To Do It™ determines who…
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business is a marathon

An Entrepreneurial Operating System® Business Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

I’ve been writing quite a bit of in depth advice recently. I’ve talked about EOS® Core Values, using the V/TO™, and even gotten my hands dirty with advice on EOS Roll Out. Time to take a breather. This week I want to talk about a bit of perspective that may save some of you. Running…
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business consultant in waco (thanks to energicpics

6 Steps To Choose a Change Management / Business Consultant in Waco

So, your business is going through the kind of awesome growth that requires some internal changes. It’s always good news to be growing, but you’re smart and you realize that uncontrolled growth can be dangerous. That’s why you’re looking for a growth / change management business consultant in Waco. There are plenty of ways to…
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vision traction organizer

Get The Most From Your EOS® Vision Traction Organizer ™

So, you’ve completed your Vision Building Days, usually called VB1™ and VB2™ by the very creative EOS® Implementers. You’ve spent hours of working on your EOS Core Values™ and learning many of the amazing tools the the EOS Toolbox™. And you walked away with something truly awesome, an EOS Vision Traction Organizer ™(or the V/TO…
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core values speech

A Speechwriter’s Handbook: The EOS Core Values Speech

Alright. Your leadership team is finally done hammering out the EOS® Core Values. You debated them for hours. They’ve been put through every test you could think of. The team has asked themselves if the values are honest, and if the team actually lives by them. Finally, you’ve word-smithed them into something you wouldn’t mind…
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reinforcing core values

EOS Best Practices: Reinforcing EOS Core Values On Your Team

So you’ve taken the time to set your EOS® Core Values. You and the leadership team have spent who knows how long identifying the what you really stand for, condensing that into a few short words, and agreeing that those words represent you. You even knocked it out of the park with your EOS Core…
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entrepreneurial operating system

What Is The Entrepreneurial Operating System? Here’s The No BS Answer.

I was at an event recently and someone asked me, “What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System ®?” For a minute I thought about giving them the canned answer that you (my clients and readers) have probably heard before. You know the one: EOS® is a complete set of tools that helps you get what you…
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EOS Vision (thanks to

EOS Vision Without Traction: The Entrepreneurial Operating System

If you’re self implementing EOS®, I want you to stop and read this next sentence very carefully, because it is the most important thing to remember about EOS: You can’t have EOS Vision™ without EOS Traction™. Period. If you’re self implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or if you’ve just started looking into the system, you’ve…
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eos visionary or integrator

EOS Visionary Or EOS Integrator Quiz

Note: At the end of the quiz click on “finish”. Then, scroll up to see your Visionary or Integrator results. Once you know if you’re an EOS Visionary or an EOS Integrator, read up on how to best fill that role in your business. When a Visionary and Integrator work together correctly, your business will…
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eos annual planning (increase revenue)

Improve EOS Annual Planning And Meet Annual Goals With Jeff Whittle

Properly handling your EOS® annual planning session is no easy task. No matter how you cut it. Whether your business is just now going through their first EOS annual planning session or their fifth. It’s always a time of tough conversations and easy to make missteps. The Entrepreneurial Operating System®’s approach to annual planning is…
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what is eos traction (special thanks:

Just What Is EOS Traction Anyway?

So you’ve heard about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® from a few friends and colleagues. They are always talking about Traction™ and how great EOS® is for their business. They tell you how Traction is helping them get things done across the board. But what is EOS Traction exactly? Traction Vs Planning First, Traction is all…
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Business Didn’t Meet Your EOS Annual Goals? Here’s How To React.

If your company is using the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, you’ve probably failed to achieve a few goals in the past. Missing goals may be part of the learning process, but it’s important you actually learn from those mistakes. The vast majority of the time a missed goal can be traced to one of five simple…
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90 minute meeting: Thanks to

Jeff Whittle’s EOS Basics: What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

The 90 Minute Meeting™ is one of the most important meetings you will have on your EOS® Journey. One of the things I always tell clients who ask about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is that it isn’t for everybody. Sure, that’s not very good salesmanship, but it’s honest. And honesty is the essence of the…
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how to rollout eos

Jeff Whittle Explains How To Roll Out EOS, Train Managers, And Be A Hero

EOS® roll out is the phrase most EOS Implementers use to describe the ongoing process of introducing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® indto your business. I don’t mean just the leadership team. That’s what an EOS Implementation is for. No, I’m talking about introducing the tools to every member of your company and making sure they…
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better eos scorecard

Learn To Make A Better EOS Scorecard With 5 Simple Steps

In the Entrepreneurial Operating System® we like to aim for progress, not perfection. Few of the tools in EOS® are more perfect examples of that principle than the EOS Scorecard™. When a company builds their first Scorecard, they aren’t saying to the world, “this is how we will predict success from now until the end…
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trust building exercises

Entrepreneurial Operating System: 4 Great Trust Building Exercises

Trust is a critical component in any team. Team members need to be able to rely on each other to be supportive, honest, and dependable. And, teams that don’t trust each other to be those three things are doomed to fail. Trust doesn’t come easy, and there is no “short cut” to team building. It…
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eos software

Software For EOS : 4 Tech Tools For The Entrepreneurial Operating System

I’ve been writing a lot of longer, detailed articles recently with the goal of providing powerful insights to my reader and clients. And, while I fully plan on continuing to do that, I thought it would be nice to take a week to write something more palatable. So, I decided to answer a simple question…
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traction book

Using The Traction Book Right: 5 Mistakes Teams Make

As a Certified EOS Implementer I get the pleasure of speaking with a lot of teams that are using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in their businesses. Sometimes I meet them at one of my speaking events or at an event with Dallas EO. Or, sometimes they come directly to me, because they are trying to…
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honesty at work

Encourage Honesty At Work With These Easy Tips (Even For Ugly Truths)

As a Certified EOS Implementer it’s no secret that I tell my clients to always pursue honesty at work. One of the founding principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is that no business can meet its potential if the team members are anything less than 100% honest. Building honesty at work is no easy task,…
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eos clarity break

What Is The EOS Clarity Break? A Tool For Keeping Yourself Honest.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is just that, an operating system. It’s a complete package for running your business. But, like most operating systems (looking at you Windows) it has a few features that a lot of users don’t take the time to explore. Much like being able to switch to “dark theme” on Windows 10,…
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