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Learn To Make A Better EOS Scorecard With 5 Simple Steps

better eos scorecard

In the Entrepreneurial Operating System® we like to aim for progress, not perfection. Few of the tools in EOS® are more perfect examples of that principle than the EOS Scorecard™. When a company builds their first Scorecard, they aren’t saying to the world, “this is how we will predict success from now until the end…

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Using The Traction Book Right: 5 Mistakes Teams Make

traction book

As a Certified EOS Implementer I get the pleasure of speaking with a lot of teams that are using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in their businesses. Sometimes I meet them at one of my speaking events or at an event with Dallas EO. Or, sometimes they come directly to me, because they are trying to…

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Building A Culture Of Healthy Conflict At Work

conflict at work

When I work with a leadership team as their EOS® Implementer, they learn very quickly that I encourage a culture of healthy conflict at work. By lunch the first day, we’ve already built their EOS Accountability Chart™, which takes an immense amount of respectful debate, trust, and willingness to be open. These are all hallmark…

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