How To Choose The Right EOS Implementer For Your Team

Deciding to run your business on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS ®for short) is no small thing. The book Traction is an incredibly well written one. It lay out the tools for EOS in an easily understood way. But, that doesn’t mean using them is easy. That’s why many companies choose to work with an EOS Implementer.

The truth is that working with an EOS Implementer greatly increases your return on investment for EOS. Yes, a smart, well lead team will eventually get those returns. But, by working with an EOS Implementer you increase those returns and you get them much faster. It’s like working on your own car. Sure, I could change the brakes in an afternoon. But, I’d rather pay a professional to do it in an hour and be certain I wasn’t going to drive off a cliff when the brakes fail.

Once you have decided to work with an implementer, though, you still need to choose one. In most areas there are several EOS Implementers. Each one of them has their own approach and their own experiences. Choosing the right one can be as critical to your success with EOS as the amount of work you put in.

1: Always Choose A Professional Or Certified Implementer

Hard truth: people will lie to you.

Sorry, but it’s how the world works. I believe in honest as a matter of policy. But, not everyone is on that level with me. And, like anything else that can make you money, people are willing to lie about their qualifications as an EOS Implementer.

I’ve met more than a few folks who have read the book, decided they could do that, and just started calling themselves implementers. Well, that simply isn’t the case. First off, there is training to complete to actually know the system. And that training is a lot more intense than just reading a book. 

Follow this link and you’ll find a list of every certified and professional EOS Implementer. This list isn’t just folks who say they implement. It’s the folks who completed the training, maintain a strong active client base, and never slip below 8.5 / 10 on their client ratings. In effect, this is the list of people who will actually help your business.

I’m proud to say I’m on the list as a Certified EOS Implementer (that’s the highest possible standard.) And, while I don’t like to brag, I do tell people this one thing. I worked damned hard to be on that list along side a handful of the best in the business.

2: Get To Know The Implementer

After looking over the impelmenters in your area, get to know them.

You don’t have to commit to anything right off the bat. Any implementer with experience knows that how you click on a personal level can greatly influence your experience. And, they know there’s a decent amount of shopping about to be done.

When you first sit down with an implementer to discuss EOS, they understand it’s just an initial conversation. They won’t pressure you at all. If they do, get out! 

Never let anyone sell you on EOS or themselves. If it seems right for you, do it. If not, find the person (or system) that is.


3: Take A 90 Minute Meeting (Or Two!)

When you think you’ve found a good EOS Implementer for you, ask them to do a 90 Minute Meeting™.  

During this meeting the implementer will explain the tools, the process, and their approach to coaching you through your EOS journey. In a lot of ways it’s like a 2-sided interview. You get to know the implementer, and they get to know you. 

This isn’t a commitment. Instead, it’s a chance to dive down and decide if this is right for you. And, no one will be offended if you say, “no thanks.” Heck, I’ve done 90 Minute Meetings before and told the team I thought it was a bad fit. Maybe the team just isn’t in the right space, or maybe I know an implementer who used to be in their industry.

Whatever the case, remember there’s no commitment and that you can take 90 Minute Meetings from as many implementers as you like. We promise not to gossip.

4: Start The Process

You can’t finish a journey if you don’t start.

The one thing that will absolutely ensure you never get a return on your investment from EOS is not making the investment. 

A lot of teams are nervous about starting the process, because of the price tag. And, I get that. But, any legit EOS Implementer will offer you a 100% guarantee. If you don’t get value, you don’t pay. 

If nothing else, the first day is free, so you have nothing to lose by making the plunge.