EOS Traction Book Review

Traction Book Review

Published in 2014, Traction by Gino Wickman was written to bring his system for running businesses to the world. Gino had already been implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® for about a decade, when he decided the tools needed a new voice.

Since then, Traction has become a guidebook for thousands of businesses around the world, many of which use the tools described within under the guidance of a certified EOS Implementer

And, while the system is immensely valuable for business owners, the book itself is worth your time. You can download the first chapter for free, or purchase it on Amazon for a few dollars.

The True Story

At its heart, the book is a guide for using the Entrepreneurial Operating System. But, there’s more to it than that. The pages also contain, parsed out among the tools, the story of Gino’s journey from working at the family business to being an entrepreneurship guru.

In Traction Gino tells his own story, using each tool from his system as a vehicle for different steps in the journey. You learn what problems in the family business inspired his toolset, how he decided to leave that business behind, and how the Entrepreneurial Operating System went from his own personal system to something recognized world wide.

All About The Tools

It wouldn’t be a Traction book review without discussing the many tools Wickman introduces.  His toolset, the EOS Toolbox™ as he calls it, is a powerful one. 

Wickman does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of each tool, explaining its purpose, and training the reader in how to use it. All of this is accomplished without unnecessary detail or complexity. Wickman would likely tell you that this reflects his system. The tools themselves are simple, elegant even. And, he does an excellent job of conveying this through his writing style.

With a few short paragraphs and a diagram or two he is able to not just introduce a tool, but illustrate its value, and leave the reader excited about applying it to their own business.

Quick Read, Powerful Information

Not too long ago any decent book about running your business had to be 5,000 pages. There were always the common sense advice books that added no real value. But, any book that actually helped you required you put aside significant time. That’s not the case with Traction.

When I reread the book for this Traction book review, I set aside a day to get through it. To my surprise, it really only took a few hours. I had honestly forgotten how quickly you can get through it. What’s nice about Traction is that the depth isn’t in the wording, it’s in how you take the book and apply it to your own company.

After reading it, you’ll want to read it again and again as you consider how you’ll use it. Soon you’ll have dog-eared pages galore and a book full of notes in the margin. That’s perhaps the real power of the book. It isn’t just a cover to cover reader, it’s a reference. You can quickly and easily find advice and solutions for real world problems facing your business.

The Next Step

If you haven’t read Traction, I strongly suggest downloading the first chapter for free

If the tools in this book pique your interest, you can try implementing them in your business. Or, you can decide to work with a professional implementer to make sure you get the most out of your EOS experience.

If you decide to go it alone, though, don’t dive in blind. Sign up for monthly updates from a certified EOS implementer to get advice on using each of the tools and on the journey as a whole.