Smash Your Profit Ceiling With The EOS Traction Model

With the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) any business can breath through their profit ceiling. The EOS Traction™ Model is a process that nearly 6,000 businesses have used to increase profits, decrease stress, and take a stronger share of the market.

How does it work? 

Well, the EOS Process™ is an exact one that follows a proven path. No guesswork necessary for success. Just hard work, trust, and ambition.

Step 1: 90 Minute Meeting

During your 90 Minute Meeting™ you learn the basics of what you’ll be doing during the EOS Process. You and your team learn about the goals, the tools, and the Certified EOS Implementer

This is not a sales pitch. 

It’s a place for you to gather information and make a decision. The Entrepreneurial Operating System isn’t right for everyone, and sometimes you’re just not in the right moment for it. That’s why we provide this free meeting. So you can make a zero pressure choice about it.


Step 2: Focus Day

The Focus Day™ is when the rubber hits the road in the EOS Process. Your team takes the day out of the office and sits down with the EOS Implementer for an entire 9 hour day. During that day you do about as much work as most people do in a week. 

By the time you break for lunch, you’ve finished your Accountability Chart™ and have an entirely new organizational structure for your business. And that’s just the start.

By the end of the day you’ve set your company Rocks™, built an EOS Scorecard™, and learned to use the powerful Level 10 Meeting™.

So, within 9 hours you’ve restructured your business, set quarterly goals, put in place a method to measure progress towards goals, and learned a tool for maximizing your chances of achieving those goals (that also saves you several hours a week). 

Not bad.


Step 3: Vision Building Day 1 & 2

After your first quarter of using the Entrepreneurial Operating System, you’ll have made serious progress. Most teams get more done in that first quarter than they did in the 3 quarters previous. Welcome to the revolution!

But, you can’t just keep on blindly sprinting without knowing where you’re going. That’s how you run headlong into a brick wall. 

It’s time to build a Vision™.

The Vision Building Days are two consecutive full work days during which your entire leadership team sits down to build a strategy for you company’s future. During this intense 2-day session you build your Vision / Traction Organizer™ (or V/TO). This answers the 8 questions that guide your company towards 10 years of sustained, planned growth.

You also take some time to review the tools you’ve learned with the EOS Implementer. No doubt you’ll have questions (or bad habits) that need to be addressed. That’s why having a certified EOS implementer is so helpful. Without that person, you’re often blind firing and hoping for the best.

Step 4: Meeting Pulse & Team Health

Once your leadership team is in a place where it is comfortable with the tools, you get to the fun part of the EOS Traction Model. The Entrepreneurial Operating System isn’t meant for just the leadership team. It’s designed to be part of every level of your organization.

As your implementer guides you through your quarterly and annual meetings, you begin your roll out process for EOS. As this goes on over about 1-2 years, your leadership team sees burdens taken off of them and shifted down into the business, even as your company is getting more done than ever before. And, to help facilitate all of this, the implementer is always present to help with continued team building and health.

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