Change Management Consultant in Waco

About seven years ago I was just like every other change management consultant in Waco. I had a system of increasingly complex rules and regulations that “helped” people run their businesses. Then I saw the light. And that is a light I want to share, because I know for a fact it helps businesses improve.

I’ve personally seen it save thousands of labor hours.

I’ve watched it increase revenue in dozens of businesses by tens of millions of dollars.

And, I’ve seen the decrease in stress, increase in health, and rise in overall job satisfaction that leadership teams see.

That light is called the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the best system for change management consulting available on the market today. So, maybe I should rephrase things. Maybe the real truth here is that if you are working with a change management consultant who isn’t using EOS®, you’re robbing yourself of an amazing opportunity.


So what is the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

EOS works to improve three aspects of a company: Vision™, Traction™, and Health. Vision is your company’s strategic goal setting. Traction is the day-to-day work that gets your company to that goal. And Health is the communication and honesty in the workplace necessary to have a solid team.  

It does so by employing a set of tools (called the EOS Toolbox™) to get your team on track for real growth. The process is truly amazing, and it works. In fact, it’s worked for over 6,500 businesses across America already, some of which have been using it for over a decade.


Didn’t he say guarantee?

You’re right. I did.

So here’s the real kicker, Waco. I’ve got absolute and total confidence in this system. So, I offer a 100% guarantee of its value

How does that work?

Well, simply put, I tell my clients not to bring a check with them to our session. If, after a few days, they feel like they got value out of the session, they call me up and schedule another one. That’s when they write the check for the last one. 

But, if you don’t want to schedule another session, you don’t pay for the previous one. It’s as simple as that.


How can I afford a 100% money back guarantee?

I’ve been teaching this system for 7 years, and not one team has ever looked back at a session and decided they don’t want another. Not because I hard sell them, either. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. 

I will try to talk you out of it, if the system is wrong for you.

Not every team is ready for the Entrepreneurial Operating System. First, it’s designed for businesses with at least 20 employees. Anything less than that and it’s overkill. Second, teams need to be ready to communicate and that isn’t always the case. Finally, not everyone is ready to put in the work. Sometimes they are just overburdened at the moment, and sometimes they just aren’t hard workers.

The reason my clients rate me 9.5/10 on average and always schedule a second session, is that I only take on clients I am confident can benefit from the system. If they won’t benefit, I let them know. And, if at all possible, I introduce them to one of the other systems that may be more appropriate for their needs.


Quit rambling, Jeff.

O.K. You’re right. I’ve gone on and one. So, I’ll leave with this.

If you are ready to get the most out of your business and your change management consultant in Waco, schedule a 90 Minute Workshop. It’s 100% free and comes with no commitment. It’s just me teaching your team about the tools and the system. 

You’ve got nothing to lose.