Jeff Whittle To Become First EOS Implementer In Amarillo Texas

OK. So, I apologize, sometimes I just can’t stop myself from writing titles that sound like news articles. Years writing for local newspapers and magazines will do that. But, while the title was a bit “over the top”, it is true. After years of being one of the premier Certified EOS Implementers in the Dallas area, Whittle & Partners is now offering EOS Implementation in Amarillo as well.

Working in Amarillo wasn’t a decision my team made lightly. We worked hard to become a recognized brand in Dallas. And, we achieved that goal. We have now worked with hundreds of business leaders in the Dallas area. And, while we continue to expand, we’ve maintained a client satisfaction rating of 9.5/10. That right there is something I’ve been very proud of. And, that rating is what has given me the confidence to offer services further from home.

We wanted to be sure we had seen everything that Dallas could possibly throw at us before we we even considered becoming EOS implemetners in Amarillo. And we have done that. We’ve worked with every industry and business type Dallas could offer. From major construction groups, to international technical manufacturing, to the best new fast food chain in the metroplex. We’ve seen it all.

That’s why I’m confident we are ready to bring the same EOS Traction that has helped Dallas all the way to Amarillo. Sure, it’s a flight. But, now that we are working with a few teams in Amarillo, I’m more and more excited to visit, every time.

Amarillo is more than a business opportunity to Whittle & Partners. It’s a chance to provide a service that can help one Texas’ most history-rich towns grow. As our world grows ever smaller, we are learning that new business empires don’t have to be started in Silicon Valley or Manhattan. The next world-changing business can be from wherever innovative minds and industrious workers are willing to collaborate and make the world a better place.

And that sounds like Amarillo to me.


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