How To Be A Good Boss: Top 10 Traits Of Good Bosses

how to be a good boss ( Photo by from Pexels)

If you want to send your company our team on a journey to success, it starts with your behaviors. Learn to be a great boss by following these rules and using the Entrepreneurial Operating System’s® proven toolbox to achieve more with less stress. 1. Create A Culture Of Honesty Nothing, and I mean nothing, in…

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Change Management Consultant in Waco

change management consultant in waco (Photo by Syed Hasan Mehdi from Pexels)

About seven years ago I was just like every other change management consultant in Waco. I had a system of increasingly complex rules and regulations that “helped” people run their businesses. Then I saw the light. And that is a light I want to share, because I know for a fact it helps businesses improve.…

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Jeff Whittle To Become First EOS Implementer In Amarillo Texas

OK. So, I apologize, sometimes I just can’t stop myself from writing titles that sound like news articles. Years writing for local newspapers and magazines will do that. But, while the title was a bit “over the top”, it is true. After years of being one of the premier Certified EOS Implementers in the Dallas…

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