Why You Need A Growth Consultant In Amarillo Texas

In the old days I never would have thought there would be a real need for a growth consultant in Amarillo. Amarillo never had the hustle and bustle of Dallas or Houston. Instead, it had established businesses with long-standing relationships with the community. But, that’s just not the case these days.

Sure there are still local mom-and-pops within walking distance, but now even they have to compete with big time competition from out of town. And that competition is driving a need for growth. Because, if you want to punch above your weight, you’ve got to be willing to grow a bit.

But, growth isn’t always easy. That’s especially true for teams and businesses that have had the same way of doing things for years. I’ve seen it before. When small teams expand, driven by a great service or product, they run into hurdles they didn’t even know were there. That’s why, as a growth consultant I’ve helped teams like  Bob Mills Furniture, Fite Realty, and Assured Partners of Texas (formerly Alkali) manage their growing company and be ready for problems on the horizon.

Why You Need A Growth Consultant

You need a growth consultant in Amarillo for the same reason you need a football coach. Sure, Texans make the best football players. Everyone knows that. But, we don’t win championships on skill alone. That takes an experienced coach who can leverage their own years of insight to bring out the best in each player.

And, at its heart, that’s what a growth consultant really is: a coach. 

When a business grows quickly, they are taking on new challenges every day. A growth consultant helps the leadership team build a business that can adapt to that change healthily. Because, without that guidance it can be easy to make the tiniest misstep and get swallowed up by bigger competitors.

Those big out of town competitors don’t need to watch their step. They’ve got enough money to afford mistakes.

What Tools Does A Growth Consultant Use

Different growth consultants use different approaches.

Personally, I recommend going with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. In my professional opinion, it is the most effective solution to growth management on the market today. And, unlike many other systems, it doesn’t require a coach. Of course, a coach is always the best way to ensure you get the most benefit. But, for businesses on a tight budget, the Entrepreneurial Operating System provides a quick-and-dirty operating manual that will explain the various tools.

If you do decide to go with EOS, I encourage you to seek outside help. That can be in the form of a Certified EOS Implementer, but that comes with a price tag. You can also read the online guides to using the system, check out the various youtube channels, or (and I only offer this because we Texans have to stick together) reach out to me directly with questions.

If you are interested in the system, take these steps to get started.

  1. Learn the basics of EOS by reading Traction by Gino Wickman
  2. Set up a Vision/ Traction Organizer
  3. Build an Accountability Chart™ for your company
  4. Create a Scorecard
  5. Define your company’s Core Values 
  6. Study the Level 10 Meeting™

This isn’t all you’ll need to do. But that gets you started.

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