Jeff Whittle: Amarillo Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer

 Jeff Whittle

“With 35 years of professional experience I’m one of the most highly trained and highly experienced EOS® Implementers operating in the 

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United States. I worked tirelessly in Dallas to earn the title of Certified EOS Implementer. And that’s not just a title yo u can buy. It takes years of maintaining strict standards of client satisfaction and ROI. And that’s my guiding light. Are my clients getting what they want and need out of their business? If not, how can I help them get it?” – Jeff Whittle

But, there’s more than that. Jeff also has close family ties to the city of Amarillo. That’s why he is intent on bringing Amarillo the Entrepreneurial Operating System ®.

What Is The Entrepreneurial Operating System

The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a mouthful. So, let’s just call it EOS for now. But, what is it?

EOS is more than just a national phenomenon for creating growth, stability, long-term strategy, and team health in companies. It’s a system of tools that can help leadership teams get control of the chaos in their business.

Have you ever felt like your business is running you instead of the other way around? Do you have an ever growing list of long-term goals that never seem to get any progress made on them? 

That’s what the Entrepreneurial Operating System was made to cure. It’s powerful, but simple process in which teams learn about strategic planning, structuring their business for growth, hiring the right talent, utilizing predictive data, and taking action on a level they have never seen before.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System In Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo EOS is aimed at bringing one of the state’s oldest and most tradition-rich cities all of the tools and tricks available to business owners in Dallas or Houston. Amarillo businesses deserve the same chances at growth and a healthy business as their competition. 

To learn what the Entrepreneurial Operating System can do for your Amarillo business, schedule a 100% free 90 minute workshop with Jeff Whittle. He’ll work with your team on-site to discuss the tools that EOS provides and help you decide if they are right for you.

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