Waco Businesses Deserve A Waco EOS Implementer

Waco has growth on the horizon. It’s as simple as that. Soon Waco’s economic growth pace will follow suit with Dallas, Austin, and Houston. And, many of the businesses in the area will grow in profit and revenue. That’s why I believe it’s time Waco got its own Waco EOS Implementer.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS® for short) has helped over 5,000 businesses across the world to break through their revenue ceilings. Using the unique tools, those businesses have become market leaders. I know, because I’ve spent the last seven years in teaching executives how to use the system in Dallas. But, I’ve got roots in Waco, and I can’t wait to see what EOS can do for business owners in the area.

Goodbye To Old Waco

It wasn’t too long ago (or maybe it was. I’m getting old) that I sat in La Fiesta downing everclear margarita’s with my wife’s family. That’s about when I fell in love with Waco. And, I don’t just mean the margaritas. 

But, as Waco grows there’s a risk of it losing the charm it has, it’s own sense of self. I know that’s a weird thing to say about a city, but I think it’s important. After all, what makes Austin worth visiting if not its uniqueness? And part of that is ensuring the success of local businesses while empowering new businesses that come in. It’s a delicate balance, but when done right, everyone wins and the whole town can prosper.

The First Waco EOS Implementer

That’s why I aim to become the first EOS implementer in Waco. As our town grows, it’s going to attract more and more attention. And that means outside commercial interests. Heck, the city is already offering massive incentives to people who set up shop in town. Those industrial / commercial businesses bring in jobs and money. The more jobs, the more money. The more money, the wealthier Waco’s families become. 

I know that the Entrepreneurial Operating System can help businesses in Waco break through their profit ceilings, both old and new ones. I know that, because I’ve guided dozens of leadership teams through the process and seen the results. 



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