A New Approach To Dallas Change Management Consulting

Dallas change management consulting (thanks to https://www.pexels.com/@rickyrecap)

I’ve been around the executive block a few times in Dallas. I’ve been a CEO, CTO, a corporate litigator, and everything in between. The Dallas change management consulting style always irked me. With the cookie cutter solutions and focus on quick-fix changes, I knew there was something better out there. About 10 years ago now…

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Avoid Entrepreneurial Operating System Burnout With These Tips

entrepreneurial operating system burnout

So, you’ve spent a few months or maybe even a few quarters working the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS® for short). You’ve seen real progress and hit some goals. But, your team is getting tired. The constant meetings, the time demand, and the stress of doing things differently. It’s Entrepreneurial Operating System burnout. And, if you…

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Waco Businesses Deserve A Waco EOS Implementer

waco eos implementer

Waco has growth on the horizon. It’s as simple as that. Soon Waco’s economic growth pace will follow suit with Dallas, Austin, and Houston. And, many of the businesses in the area will grow in profit and revenue. That’s why I believe it’s time Waco got its own Waco EOS Implementer. The Entrepreneurial Operating System®…

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6 Steps To Find a Change Management /Business Consultant in Amarillo

So, your business is going through the kind of awesome growth that requires some internal changes. It’s always good news to be growing, but you’re smart and you realize that uncontrolled growth can be dangerous. That’s why you’re looking for a growth / change management business consultant in Amarillo. There are plenty of ways to…

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