Are You An EOS Visionary Or An EOS Integrator?

So, which is it? Are you and EOS Visionary ™ or an EOS Integrator™? If you didn’t have an answer immediately, it means your Accountability Chart™ may be off. When a business switches to the Entrepreneurial Operating System, all the old roles go out the window as you switch to a much more efficient and streamlined accountability model. However, the person at the top of the old org chart (the CEO / President) doesn’t always know where they belong in the new model.

90% of the time, the person who used to lead the company becomes either the Visionary or the Integrator. The hard part is deciding which one you are.  That’s why we’ve got this handy dandy quiz.

EOS Visionary Vs EOS Integrator

So what’s the difference?

In short, the Visionary handles the future of the company. They make the big decisions, maintain the big relationships, and spark the innovation for future growth. The Integrator handles the day-to-day operations, making sure every person in the company has exactly what they need to keep the machine running smoothly.

When these two work together, it’s like rocket fuel for your business. But, when someone gets put in the wrong seat, it’s disaster. Most commonly, when a business decides to self-implement EOS, the founder/CEO/president tries to take on both roles. Sometimes it works…sometimes. Usually, though, that person winds up overworked and stressed, failing to do either job 100%.

The exception is small teams. Often, a small team simply doesn’t need both.

So, when you decide to convert your business to the Entrepreneurial Operating System, how do you know if you’re an EOS Visionary or an EOS Integrator?

Take The EOS Visionary Quiz

If you’ve got the time I strongly recommend you take our EOS Visionary or Integrator Quiz. It doesn’t take but a few minutes and will go a long way to helping you decide which role is right for you.

Of course if you’re busy, you can…

Or Skip The Quiz

Get straight to the description of the roles and make the choice yourself. 

EOS integrator or EOS visionary

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