EOS Visionary Or EOS Integrator Quiz

Note: At the end of the quiz click on “finish”. Then, scroll up to see your Visionary or Integrator results.

Once you know if you’re an EOS Visionary or an EOS Integrator, read up on how to best fill that role in your business. When a Visionary and Integrator work together correctly, your business will tear through your previous revenue records. But, when they step on each other’s toes it can be a disaster.


Congratulations, you’re probably more of a Visionary. As a Visionary it’s your primary job to create and execute the long term strategic plan for your business. You don’t like getting bogged down in project management or overseeing numbers, so don’t let anyone tell you to. When you’re set to the task of steering the ship, you can get overwhelmed with how much has to be done, how much you need to keep track of. So, quit steering. Find someone else to do that so you can spend your time making the high-level, monumental decisions and relationships that will take your company decades into the future.

EOS Integrator

Congratulations, you’re probably an EOS Integrator. As an Integrator it’s your primary job to make sure everything runs smoothly from day to day. When there are disputes, it’s your job to mediate. If there’s an obstacle in the way, you clear it. Someone needs resources? You make sure they have them. As the Integrator, the buck stops with you in terms of operational accountability. P&L is what you own. And, as you probably know, being accountable for P&L means being accountable for just about everything. In many companies, your job title would be CEO, President, or Founder. In EOS, it’s Integrator.

Some Integrators have what it takes to be both Integrator and Visionary. That’s not an easy thing to pull off, but in a small company it can be necessary. If you have the budget, though, strongly consider bringing on a Visionary, someone who can make sure all the hard work you do is taking you in the right direction.

#1. The leadership team is divided on an issue. You:

#2. You can attend 1 of 2 meetings scheduled at the same time. Which do you choose?

#3. You spend more of your time thinking about:

#4. Would your rather be in charge of:

#5. The issues on your mind are usually:

#6. What feels like a more comfortable way to make a big decision:

#7. Someone on the team brings you a new way to handle an old problem. It could pay off big, but it’s risky.

#8. When it comes to strategic planning, I’d rather:

#9. Everyone likes big new ideas. But you:

#10. When you have a lot of different tasks to accomplish: