Just What Is EOS Traction Anyway?

So you’ve heard about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® from a few friends and colleagues. They are always talking about Traction™ and how great EOS® is for their business. They tell you how Traction is helping them get things done across the board. But what is EOS Traction exactly?

Traction Vs Planning

First, Traction is all about getting things done, not just planning to do them. Sure, having a plan of action is important. But it’s far from the only benefits of real EOS Traction.


What EOS Traction Is

When you start implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System, one of the first steps is to get some Traction. What that involves is really cool (at least in my mind.)

First, Traction is more than just planning. It’s putting together goals that the entire company is ready to prioritize. It’s checking in on those goals every single week. 

When you have real Traction, your team walks away from every meeting with a perfect understanding of what’s expected this week. And, when you meet again next week, there’s accountability. They are going to have to sit in front of the team and report. If they didn’t get it done, there will be consequences.

More than that, Traction is all about making your discussions meaningful. I’ve talked extensively about the Level 10 Meeting™, a very powerful tool for making your meetings matter. During an L10 Meeting, your team uses an amazing process called IDS™ to plow through issues that have been plaguing your business for ages. And, I mean plow through them. Items that have been on the meeting agenda for months (or even years) suddenly start getting ticked off so fast you can’t replace them quickly enough.

That’s what EOS Traction is. It’s a sense that your business is no longer treading water. Instead, it’s going places, fast.

What EOS Traction Isn’t

When someone says to me, “what is EOS Traction,” I usually like to finish up by telling them what it isn’t. Why? Because, I think it helps put a lot in perspective. So, what isn’t EOS Traction.

What it isn’t is a magic wand. As much as I want to tell people that I can walk into their company and just “do EOS at them”, it doesn’t work like that.

Getting real Traction takes hard work and guidance.  Your team has to be on board and ready to do some serious work. And sure, the EOS Process™ is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

That’s why an EOS implementer is so valuable. Having someone who understands the process and the tools is great. But, more than that, having someone with an experienced and neutral perspective in your process is darn near critical.