Jeff Whittle’s EOS Basics: What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

The 90 Minute Meeting™ is one of the most important meetings you will have on your EOS® Journey. One of the things I always tell clients who ask about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is that it isn’t for everybody. Sure, that’s not very good salesmanship, but it’s honest. And honesty is the essence of the EOS experience.

When a team sits down for a 90 Minute Meeting, they’re usually expecting a sales pitch. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we are really doing is looking to answer 3 questions.

  • Does your team really think EOS is the right solution for you?
  • Do I really think EOS is the right solution for you?
  • Do we agree that we could have a great working relationship?


For a real quick peak at what the 90 Minute Meeting covers, check out this video.

90 Minute Meeting Questions 1 & 2

As I say in the video above, the 90 Minute Meeting is often about deciding if this is the right system for your team. You could read the book Traction or just browse some of our explainers on how to use the EOS Tools™ to learn about how the system works. But, the real value you get from that 90 Minute Meeting is someone that has the experience.

During that meeting I’m there to answer questions about not only the tools, but my experience as a Certified EOS Implementer™. The 90 Minute Meeting isn’t about me sugar coating everything, just so I can walk out with a sale. That’s the opposite of what I want. You get someone that is going to be totally open about the challenges you’ll face, the struggles you’ll endure, and the pain of growth. Why? Because I am looking for teams that will stick through the hard times and come out the other end of this journey proud of themselves.

In short: I let you know how awesome EOS can be and how hard it is to get the most out of it. You let me know if you’re really, truly ready.


Question 3: Working Relationship

The second aspect of the meeting is determining if we are right for each other. I’d like to think I’m a fairly likable guy. But, not everyone is going to mesh with everyone else.

A bit part of your EOS journey is who guides you through it. Your EOS Implementer can make or break the process for you based on how well they mesh with your team. Full disclosure: I’ve told teams during a 90 Minute Meeting that I don’t think we are right for each other. When that happens, I have a list of awesome EOS Implementers in the area that I recommend. But, what I never, ever do is try to force myself into a team that won’t like my style. That’s a recipe for disaster. And, it robs that team of their chance to get the most out of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.


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