EOS Vision Without Traction: The Entrepreneurial Operating System

EOS Vision (thanks to https://www.pexels.com/@pixabay)

If you’re self implementing EOS®, I want you to stop and read this next sentence very carefully, because it is the most important thing to remember about EOS: You can’t have EOS Vision™ without EOS Traction™. Period. If you’re self implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, or if you’ve just started looking into the system, you’ve…

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EOS Visionary Or EOS Integrator Quiz

eos visionary or integrator

Note: At the end of the quiz click on “finish”. Then, scroll up to see your Visionary or Integrator results. Once you know if you’re an EOS Visionary or an EOS Integrator, read up on how to best fill that role in your business. When a Visionary and Integrator work together correctly, your business will…

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Improve EOS Annual Planning And Meet Annual Goals With Jeff Whittle

eos annual planning (increase revenue)

Properly handling your EOS® annual planning session is no easy task. No matter how you cut it. Whether your business is just now going through their first EOS annual planning session or their fifth. It’s always a time of tough conversations and easy to make missteps. The Entrepreneurial Operating System®’s approach to annual planning is…

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Just What Is EOS Traction Anyway?

what is eos traction (special thanks: https://www.pexels.com/@rodolfoclix)

So you’ve heard about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® from a few friends and colleagues. They are always talking about Traction™ and how great EOS® is for their business. They tell you how Traction is helping them get things done across the board. But what is EOS Traction exactly? Traction Vs Planning First, Traction is all…

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Jeff Whittle’s EOS Basics: What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

90 minute meeting: Thanks to https://www.pexels.com/@fecundap6

The 90 Minute Meeting™ is one of the most important meetings you will have on your EOS® Journey. One of the things I always tell clients who ask about the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is that it isn’t for everybody. Sure, that’s not very good salesmanship, but it’s honest. And honesty is the essence of the…

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