I’ve been writing a lot of longer, detailed articles recently with the goal of providing powerful insights to my reader and clients. And, while I fully plan on continuing to do that, I thought it would be nice to take a week to write something more palatable. So, I decided to answer a simple question this week. It should be a nice break for both you and me. What question? Well, it’s one you may not have even thought to ask yourself, even if you are already using EOS®: is there software for EOS? 

The short answer is yes, there are a few companies that make software for EOS specifically. While the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is used largely in person, a few clever teams have figured out ways to help organize your teams Scorecard™, Accountability Chart™, and other tools. I’ll spend a bit of time introducing each of them in the section below. Today, though, I want to focus on the tools I’ve found that truly enhance your company’s EOS experience. These are applications and online tools that truly walk hand in hand with what Gino Wickman set out to do when he first wrote Traction, change the way we run our businesses.



Ninety.io is a great tool for smaller teams that need a software for EOS. It’s especially effective if your major struggle is keeping your Level 10 Meetings™ on track. Ninety has a simple approach to both the design and functionality of their product. This is a major selling point in my book. Before I was an EOS Implementer Gino Wickman and I were friends. When he showed me the system, my response was, “It seems a bit simple, doesn’t it.” To which he only responded with a honest and appreciative, “Thanks.”  That moment forever solidified that simplicity was the goal. And, that’s why I really like Ninety.io as a software for EOS. Ninety.io also has a per user pricing model that is perfect for smaller teams.

Primary Functions:

Level 10 Meeting management, Accountability Chart™ updating, Vision/Traction Organizer™ management


Simple and streamlined design, great small team pricing model


Very little training materials, limited functionality for some of the tools


TractionTools was the first player on the market for tools designed specifically as software for EOS. TractionTools is in many ways the mirror image of Ninety.io. They shine where Ninety doesn’t, and could improve where Ninety is really going strong. It’s …well it’s kinda perfect for making an A/B comparison. Like Ninety, TractionTools focuses heavily on the Level 10 Meeting, with a digital version of your L10 always available. Where TractionTools really starts to shine is their expanded functionality for things like context aware to-do’s, context aware issues, and Rock™ milestone tracking. These minor functions are very useful for teams that struggle to organize. This increased functionality does come at the cost of design, though. You can lose things in the shuffle on some pages, and you might spend more time figuring how to correctly set a milestone than you would prefer. The software is growing, though. And, as it does they are introducing video tutorials and working hard to improve their design.

Primary Functions:

Level 10 Meeting management, Accountability Chart™ updating, Vision/Traction Organizer™ management


Lots of accountability tracking functions, well made training videos, fireworks when you hit 90% of to-do’s, mobile version


Sometimes confusing design, can be overwhelming without watching training



Springship is a truly unique little piece of software in the world attempting to combat mental health issues and feelings of isolation by encouraging open and honest communication. The web based software functions as a social media platform for people trying to improve their relationships by providing feedback on interactions. While the software wasn’t specifically designed for people using the Entrepreneurial Operating System, the amount of overlap in philosophy is astounding.

It’s no secret to my clients or readers that the Entrepreneurial Operating System thrives on openness and honesty. Really, without those two things, you can’t really succeed using EOS. This unique little tool encourages people to be open and honest in all of their interactions, providing feedback on what was done well and what could have been done better. Think of it like rating your Level 10 Meeting. You’re not telling the people there they are bad. Rather, you’re letting them know that meeting didn’t really achieve what you wanted it to achieve, and how it could be better next time.

Springship does an excellent job of applying this exact same concept to personal interactions. 

The added benefit is that Springship is both free and a charity. Their main focus is on improving human relations and combating depression. Using it costs you nothing and adds to a community working towards a good cause.


CultureConnect.com is a hiring platform with a wonderfully unique approach to the process. Founder Joseph Walker, a long-time Detroit entrepreneur, got sick of having to waste time interviewing people who didn’t fit the company culture. The potential hires looked great on paper, but after a few minutes of the interview, it was obvious they wouldn’t fit in. 

His new website adds a cultural level to the online talent search process. Really, I’m surprised no one has done it before. When you decide to post a job listing on CultureConnect, you don’t just go about it all willy nilly. Instead, you first go through the process of building out your “culture cues.” These are, for all intents and purposes, your Core Values and what CultureConnect uses to match you to applicants. When you do put together a list of skills and other job requirements, the potential applicants are filtered by their own “culture cues.” The result is an applicant that matches the requirements of the job and the requirements of a good employee at your company.

It’s a match made in heaven.

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