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Those of you who read my blog know that I’m not one for bragging. I genuinely hate doing it. In fact, you could say that I’m the best at not bragging. Why am I rambling about this and not giving you advice on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) like usual?

Because I made resolution this year. I resolved to be the best EOS implementer in Dallas by the end of the year. This is my promise to both myself and my clients, and I’m putting here on the blog, so the world can hold me accountable for it. Being the best EOS implementer in Dallas isn’t some pipe dream. That’s not how people using the Entrepreneurial Operating system work. We set a few, very important goals, and we achieve them.

For me, being the best EOS implementer in Dallas is something that is important enough to me that I am willing to take focus off other things (like expanding our market to Louisiana or growing our client list). Because, when I look back at 2018 I see a year of proof that I can achieve this goal.

Our Clients’ 2018 Victories

  • A late life client of our (2 years) doubled their revenue in 2018
  • One of our favorite long-term clients posted yet another record year with revenue up 41% and profit up 100% (they’ve raised revenue by %500)
  • A construction contractor we work with was named national supplier of the year by their trade organization.
  • One of our clients made the Inc. Magazine list of 100 fastest growing companies in the country.

On top of that we had our own awesome year, growing by 40% and beginning implementation with our first billion (with a b) dollar company. 

With all that we have done in 2018 being the best eos implementer in Dallas was the only goal that still drew my passion. And, when I say “best”, I don’t mean most successful or most profitable. I mean delivering the best service. Two reasons why: first, the number of clients and the amount we charge is certainly important (you don’t have a business, if you don’t have profit), but it’s not my primary motivation. The primary motivation is actually helping business leaders achieve success within their companies. That’s my passion. 

The second reason is that being the best EOS implementer in Dallas means holding myself to a very high standard and making sure I am always looking to improve. You don’t become the best by deciding “good enough is good enough”. 

So, that’s my New Year’s resolution and the topic of our first blog in 2019.


Jeff Whittle is a father of three, husband of one, dog owner of two, and dedicated to being the best EOS implementer in Dallas this year.


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