What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

I’ve been a certified EOS® implementer for a good long while now. In that time I’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners who were considering implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in their organization. When I tell people that the first step is sitting down for an EOS 90 Minute Meeting they are usually just confused.

Most people think that the EOS 90 Minute Meeting is going to be a sales pitch. If they already want to go through with EOS they ask, “why do I have to do this meeting?” If they still aren’t sure they think I’m going to hard sell them like some kind of time share stereotype.

That really couldn’t be further from the truth.

What Is An EOS 90 Minute Meeting

An EOS 90 Minute Meeting is 100% not a sales pitch. I can tell you that much right off the bat.

See, the Entrepreneurial Operating System isn’t some get rich quick scheme or tech solution of the month. Working this e system takes years of hard work, and the hardest part is right up front. I’ve mentioned in articles about people problems that we start by building both a structure and a culture that works. Then we put the Right People in the Right Seats. If a team isn’t 150% on board with EOS they would walk out that first day. Any team that had been hard sold would immediately realize their mistake, excuse themselves, and walk right out.

Of course, Whittle & Partners offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t find enough value in the session to come back, you don’t pay.

So we’ve established what it isn’t. Now, for what it really is.

An EOS 90 Minute Meeting is where the EOS implementer and the company get to sit down and decide if the Entrepreneurial Operating System is right for the company. And, unfortunately for my profit margins, I tell a good number of companies “no.” 

Sometimes the company is too small or large. Sometimes the leadership isn’t ready to commit to the amount of honesty needed to make EOS work. And, sadly, sometimes the business is already failing and they are hoping EOS can save them. The Entrepreneurial Operating System is an amazing thing, but it’s not a magic wand for a dying company.

What Do You Get Out Of It

As the decision makers for a business considering EOS you get, more than anything, information.

The EOS 90 Minute Meeting is all about laying out the EOS process in enough detail (but still thin enough to fit in 90 minutes) so that your team understand what they are getting into. Starting EOS is no small task and it takes real dedication. During that meeting I make sure you have all the information you need to make that decisions. Because, for me, the worst case scenario is you decide to implement EOS and find out somewhere down the road that it isn’t what you thought.

You also get to know me. I’m one of a handful of certified EOS implementers in the United States, but there are always options. Sometimes people just aren’t designed to work well together. And, when that’s the case I am always happy to refer people who like EOS to other implementers that may be more their style.

What Do I Get Out Of It

In a word: clarity.

I get a crystal clear vision of your business. I’m learning what events lead you to consider EOS, who makes the big decisions, where the pain points in the business are, what you expect EOS to do for your company.

I get the information I need to make my informed decision on whether or not I can really help you. 


What’s Next?

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