Building Up To Build Expo 2019

I’ve mentioned before that Dallas is changing. The whole of Texas is changing, really. Our growth over the next ten years will really define Dallas (and Texas as a whole). That’s why Build Expo isn’t just an opportunity this year, it’s a responsibility.


Build Expo is a national group that introduces consumers and business leaders to the technological and industrial advancements in the construction industry each year. It’s one of, if not the, biggest construction expo in the country. Which is why it’s astounding that 3 out of 7 of their events are Texas. 

Let that sink in for a second. The construction industry in Texas is in such a boom, that Build Expo hosts nearly half of its events here. That’s even more than it has in California.

At the expo there are hundreds of presenters showing off the latest in everything from drill bits to industrial grade 3d modeling technology. 

But that’s not why I think it’s important for Whittle & Partners to go.



I want to be there for the 2019 Dallas Build Expo for two reasons. 

First, I think it’s important to get to know that people who will be making the decisions and doing the work that will change Dallas for decades to come. It’s no secret that the way new construction is done has a massive impact on the city. Everything from the amount of wages going to workers to the materials used to make the roads, to the urban planning that can turn a city into a pedestrian paradise or one giant parking lot.

Construction matters. Period.

And, I want to know those people who are. I want to know the vision they have for Dallas. Getting to know the technologies they are going to use and the people that will use them is a real responsibility to me. Why? Because I’m a proud voter, and I know that these seemingly small things will have a huge impact on our daily lives for years. That’s the great thing about local elections. A little bit of research is all you need to make a real impact on your community.

So what’s the second reason?

Well, at the risk of sounding like a shameless plug (it kind of is), I’m going to present at two educational sessions. On Tuesday I’ll be presenting Building Accountability: How to Structure Your Business to Maximize Growth (a look at the Accountability Chart™ and on Wednesday I’ll present a workshop called Meetings Need Remodeling about the Level 10™.

But, I chose to present at Build Expo specifically, because of the impact those leaders will have. As much as I am attending so I can get to know the construction influencers of Dallas, I’m also want to empower those same influencers.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System™ is an amazing tool, one that has already changed thousands of businesses. With construction being such a critical part of Dallas’ present and future, I want to contribute to its success. I know EOS™ can help the leaders of those teams build a better Dallas.

That’s the real reason I’m presenting.


First and foremost you should go to see my wonderful presentation!

I’m partially kidding. Of course, I’m proud of the presentations I’ve put together and I know they’ll be valuable to anyone that attends. But, that shouldn’t be your primary draw to the event.

Rather, you should go for all of the reasons I listed already. Construction is an important industry in Dallas. Getting to know what is happening is one aspect of being an educated voter, but the who and how is another piece of that.

Also, some of the equipment demonstrations are just awesome. 


Good news. Build Expo is totally free.

You can sign up for Build Expo on their registration site.

See you there.


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