Are You Pushing Your EOS Level 10 Meeting Down The Ladder?

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When an organization starts using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS® for short) the EOS Level 10 Meeting ™ is one of the first tool they get comfortable with. The clear structure and the proven commitment to a regular timed meeting are part of that. Of course, the fact that a properly run Level 10 Meeting is the…

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How To Rate An EOS Level 10 Meeting

Level 10 Meeting Rating

The first real step to success is recognizing that there is always room for improvement. Feel free to quote me on that, because I just made it up and it’s a gem. Ready for your next gem? Your EOS® Level 10 Meetings™ are not perfect. Smarmy comments aside, it’s definitely true. In the Entrepreneurial Operating…

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Building Up To Build Expo 2019

I’ve mentioned before that Dallas is changing. The whole of Texas is changing, really. Our growth over the next ten years will really define Dallas (and Texas as a whole). That’s why Build Expo isn’t just an opportunity this year, it’s a responsibility. WHAT IS BUILD EXPO? Build Expo is a national group that introduces…

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