ABC’s of EOS: Level 10 Meeting Not Helping? Here’s Why.

The Level 10 Meetings ™ are one of the most important tools in the EOS ® (That’s Entrepreneurial Operating System ®) toolbox. If I had to pick one tool to recommend to every business owner or executive team, it would be the Level 10 Meeting. When teams use The Level 10 Meeting right, it propels their…

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How To Make Decisions And Influence Your Business: EOS Shiny Stuff

EOS shiny stuff, dallas eos implementer, dallas entrepreneurial operating system, dallas eos, dallas executive coach

If you follow my blog, you understand that the Entrepreneurial Operating System® isn’t for people who are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Real entrepreneurs are out there making the opportunities happen. They are looking for places to grow their business, building strategies to make that growth happen, and executing. Easy as 1,2,3,…

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Proud To Work With: KPost Roofing Dallas

kpost roofing dallas

I’m proud to be working with KPost Roofing Dallas. There is simply no other way to put it. As a Certified EOS® Implementer, I am lucky enough to work with truly amazing people from nearly every industry imaginable. Today, though, I’d really like to share some of what makes me proud to work with KPost…

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Dallas Construction Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Texas A&M Real Estate Report

There’s no doubt that it’s a good time to be in the construction industry in Dallas. In fact, the vast majority of metropolitan Texans are enjoying the boom. Home owners in DFW are seeing their taxes go up, sure, but property value is keeping pace and then some. With Texas in such an upswing, though,…

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EOS Crypto-Currency: The Other Dallas EOS

As a Dallas EOS ® Implementer I spend a bit time each week researching the state of EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System®) in Dallas. It didn’t take long for me to realize that EOS is also the official abbreviation for Ethereum, one of the world’s most popular crypto currencies. Now, I am not a crypto-expert.…

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