A Great Year Of Bringing Dallas Traction

Not too long ago, I was Jeff Whittle, attorney at law. Despite how much fun being a corporate attorney may sound like (if you’re crazy), I knew I had something else in my future. The change from attorney to CEO to starting my own business hasn’t been an easy one. But, 2018 has been the kind of year that makes it all worth it. In the last three months alone we’ve made great strides on our mission to bring Dallas Traction ® by working with nearly a dozen new clients. We’ve grown significantly internally as well, and are taking on projects that we never thought we would have the time for. 

In the last few months alone we’ve begun working closely with five different clients. I couldn’t be more proud to be working with these new clients, and as always, they deserve an introduction to our community. So without further ado, I introduce to you:

National Roofing Partners

From right here in the heart of Dallas, NRP brings a security net to home owners all over the country. NRP’s amazing work can be seen in the areas hit hardest by hurricanes, tornadoes, and just plain old age.

And while NRP has every right to be proud of their work on the ground, there’s more to their story. NRP has received several awards in the last few years, including on of Dallas Business Journal top places to work, a place in Inc. Magazines top 5000 businesses of 2017, and the Carlisle’s award for excellence in Single-Ply every year since 2017.

They’ve got a lot to be proud of. And, their work in Dallas’ non-profit sector with Hope Kids and Carter BloodCare is part of what makes working with them such a great opportunity.

M+W Group

Another client we are extremely proud to be working with is M + W Group Americas. M+W is an engineering and construction group that has nearly a century of history under its belt.

M+W may have started as with building wood chip extractors in 1912, but in 2018 it’s a global corporation with a wide range of products. From pharmaceuticals to photovoltaics M+W is an industry leader in many branches of engineering, research, construction, and production.


Reader beware. Only click that link if you’re ready to get your mouth watering.

Without a doubt our tastiest new client is Mooyah, a peerless burgers, fries, and shakes chain with its eyes set on expansion, and in a big way.

Remember when we said we bring Dallas Traction? Well Mooyah may be based right here in Plano, but they now have over 100 locations worldwide, including Oman and Saudi Arabia. 

And it’s not just the burgers and ambition that make me happy to work with Mooyah. They have a truly inspirational team. And,  I don’t mean that as vague compliment. No. The Mooyah team is one built on dedication, benevolence, and a respect for each and every employee that is too often lacking in the restaurant industry. 

Working with Mooyah is, without a doubt, going to be a bast. Plus, free burgers? Maybe. We’ll find out.


The Future For Whittle & Partners

Those of you who read my blog know that I’m usually not the type to count my chickens before they’ve hatched. That said, I’m going to start counting. We’ve got some very exciting things happening here, things that I know are going to greatly improve our ability to bring Dallas Traction.

Website Portal

First, we’ll soon be launching our new website portal. 

 Our increasingly online clientele deserve a place on our website to get access to every resource we can give them. Our new portal will have everything from additional advice for specific problems to training videos aimed at helping you create a smooth rollout process for EOS in your business.

My goal as one of the handful of Dallas Certified EOS Implementers that bring Dallas Traction has always been to help. Providing this extra service and accessibility is the best way we can do that.

Build Expo Dallas

I’ve done my fair share of speaking events. From professional lectures at Texas Security Bank to standing in front of a court room. This year, though, I’ll be taking on a new challenge by speaking at Build Expo in Dallas.

I’ve been asking myself recently how I can help more companies in Dallas grow through the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. I wanted to reach out to the teams that are really helping Dallas become the city it will be in 10 years. And I couldn’t think of any businesses that are a more active part of that than the construction and building teams that attend Build Expo.

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Clayton, Andrew, and I will be attending Dallas Build Expo on February 5 and 6, so put it on your calendars. You can sign up to attend and get more details on my speaking series here.


I’m Writing A Book!

I’ve been telling myself I was going to write a book for 20 years. Now, after all that has happened, I am ready to start!

I don’t want to give anything away, but I am very excited about this project and will share more as time goes by.


QCE’s 2018

QCE is the Quarterly Collaborative Exchange that I do with a handful of dedicated EOS Implementers from across the country. Every few months I am lucky enough to sit down with folks like Jill Young, Greg Cleary, Jim Coyle, Rick Drumm and learn how the best in the business are working to improve their EOS game.

This last QCE I finally got smart and sat in on a breakout session with Greg Cleary. Greg is one of the best business development professionals I have ever known, and I learned more than I can even process.


Dallas Entrepreneurs’ Organization

It wouldn’t be a status update without a shout out to the Dallas Chapter of EO.

I guess I can’t speak as a total authority on the subject, but The Dallas chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization must be one of the best on Earth. The organizers there continue to make it an experience that is rewarding on every level.

I’ve been a sponsor for EO Dallas for a good long while now, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. From in person events to online training, EO Dallas is  a major figure in building the next generation of business leaders in Dallas.

Be very sure to check out their upcoming events.There are simply too many to list here.

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