You Can Get EOS Traction Online

Getting EOS Traction Online

I like to think of our blog and video content as a way of keeping the thousands of struggling EOS® self implementers out there aware that they aren’t alone. Trying to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in your business without the help of a professional comes with some very real challenges. This blog is specifically designed to help you, the self-implementer, the CEO / Integrator, the one-person startup, to rise to those challenges. It’s a message: you aren’t alone.

Today I am happy to announce a new way to be certain that you and your business get the most out of EOS. Now, you can get EOS Traction® online.

How Does Traction® Online Work?

If you’re a member of our community, you’ve already taken that first step. EOS Traction Online is all about empowering you to take control of your organization on your own terms. Our new EOS Traction Online program is about enhancing that with the guidance of a certified EOS Implementer™, someone who has spent years guiding business owners through the difficult process of getting their business back on track.

Here’s how it works.

EOS Traction Online Process

Step 1: Choose A Program You’re Interested In.

Choose from either the Collaborative EOS Program or the Online Implementation Program. We designed the collaborative program for small, agile businesses that rely heavily on one person to steer the ship, you. Our Online Implementation Program is best for businesses that have a full leadership team, especially ones struggling with internal EOS implementation. 

To find out which one is right for you, sign up for a free consultation call with Clayton.

Step 2: Choose An Implementer You Are Comfortable With

As EOS Implementers we ask people to “enter the danger” a lot. We know that doing the uncomfortable is the only way to really make the progress you’ve been avoiding. The one time we won’t ask you to be uncomfortable is when you choose an EOS Implementer. We want you to work with someone that brings out the best in you and your team. And if that isn’t Jeff, Clayton, or Andrew, then we will find someone that does work for you.

Step 3: Learn The Immediate Steps To Start Getting Traction Today

Once you get going with the EOS Traction Online program, there is no slowing down. We hit the ground running, taking off like a cartoon. By the time you log off from your first session, you have tools in place that will start changing the way you do business the very next day. You’ll be amazed how you can put an end to useless meetings, achieve quarterly goals, and achieve true accountability with the right tools in place.

Step 4: Build The Vision For Your Business

Getting things done isn’t enough. They have to be the right things. After you’ve got a handle on your day-to-day, we help you build a vision.

That vision guides your business from this week to the 10 year dream it deserves to achieve.

Step 5: Roll Out EOS Under The Guidance Of An Implementer That Sincerely Wants To See You Succeed

Whether you work alone or run a company with 500 employees, we hold you accountable. We work to set challenging, achievable goals and a schedule of rolling out the changes in your business.

We work with you and for you. Then, we make sure that every change  stays a fixture in your business, not some flavor of the week.

Step 6: Stay Involved With The Community

I’ll say this a hundred times. You’re never alone. Too many entrepreneurs feel alone. By joining the EOS community, you join a thousands strong team of leaders that are always willing to give help or advice.


Why Use Traction Online ?

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to start running your business instead of letting your business run you. So why choose to go online?

Simply put, traditional EOS implementation doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe your whole business is online. Or you don’t have an implementer near you (and aren’t interested in paying to travel). Maybe you simply don’t have the time in your day to spend the time in traffic.

Our team is 100% invested in helping business leaders, and we are not about to be held back in doing that. That’s why we created the EOS Traction Online program, to bring you the Traction you need in the package that works for you.


How Can I Get EOS Traction Online?

If you’re sick of hitting the ceiling in your business and done having useless meetings that make you feel like your company is just treading water, then reserve your spot in the next EOS Online Traction Collaborative cohort. If you’re not 100% certain which schedule a free 90 Minute Workshop or schedule a free consultation call to learn more .

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