How To Answer “Can I Self Implement EOS®”

Can I self implement EOS

“Can I Self Implement EOS?” I hear this question quite a bit. Can  I self implement EOS ®? The short answer is yes, you can. Doing so will take immense personal and professional discipline, hard work, and objectivity. But yes, it is possible. I fully support the idea of a business leader deciding they are…

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You Can Get EOS Traction Online

EOS Traction Online

Getting EOS Traction Online I like to think of our blog and video content as a way of keeping the thousands of struggling EOS® self implementers out there aware that they aren’t alone. Trying to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® in your business without the help of a professional comes with some very real challenges.…

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EOS Rocks: Sometimes Traction Means Making Mistakes

EOS Rocks

The first time you and your team sit down to set your EOS Rocks™, you probably left the room bright eyed and full of positive energy.  For the first time in a long time, you felt like you had real control. The leadership team had bickered a bit about exactly what EOS Rocks to set,…

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