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The Business Pit Stop Description

Professional small business consultants and father and son duo Jeff and Clayton give strategies for success in running a small business, family business, or start up. After years as implementers of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), a system that has helped 4000 businesses break through the ceiling, Jeff and Clayton are expanding their small business, and want to share their unique perspective in bringing the Entrepreneurial Operating System to a small business.

Episode Description: Lead, Manage, and Hold People Accountable

We often ask executives on the leadership team to include in their role or job description the term “lead, manage, and hold people accountable” or LMA™. 

One of first questions we get from the team is, “aren’t those just different ways to say the same thing?” Absolutely not.

In this three part series we are going to talk about the difference between leadership and management, and then delve into how the combination of both creates accountability in an organization.

In episode 21 we will start by talking about Leadership. There are 5 qualities of a good leader.

A Good Leader Creates A Clear Direction

This means that a good leader provides two things: a compelling vision for the organization and the opportunities for the team to achieve that vision. In EOS we use a Vision / Traction Organizer™ to help achieve that, but in any company a good vision is a key component to success.

A Good Leader Provides Their Team With The Necessary Tools

The specifics of what tools your team needs is going to be very much tied to your industry but could include resources, training, technology, new people, or just plain time and attention. If your team has a deficiency in any of those prime areas, they will find themselves struggling to achieve.

A good leader lets go of the vine

Delegate and Elevate™. We say it all the time for a good reason, it’s important. Letting go of the vine (or in some cases the death grip) is what lets businesses scale in a meaningful and fulfilling way. We considedelegation to be one of the 5 primary leadership abilities for several reasons, not the least of which is that a good leader has taken the time to put in place people to whom they know they can delegate. 

A good leader acts with the greater good in mind

Plain and simple. Walk the talk. Leaders do what is best for the company, not just what is best for them.

A good leader takes time for clarity

A good leader knows that they need time to work ON the business. Too many leaders get weighted down with the ins and outs of the daily grind. They forget to take time to take a “Clarity Break™” at a coffee shop or even in their own office. When your organization is having problems, take 15 minutes with a pencil and paper and just sit and think for a bit about the strategic choices you could be making. You’d be surprised how smart you can be when you don’t have 50 emails demanding your attention.

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