The Business  Pit Stop 19: 3 Questions To Solve Business Issues

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Professional small business consultants and father and son duo Jeff and Clayton give strategies for success in running a small business, family business, or start up. After years as implementers of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), a system that has helped 4000 businesses break through the ceiling, Jeff and Clayton are expanding their small business, and want to share their unique perspective in bringing the Entrepreneurial Operating System to a small business.

Episode Description

Too often we see leadership teams from businesses of all shapes and sizes fall into what we call the “doom loop”. That’s when the team gets stuck talking ABOUT an issue instead of actually solving it.

We all know what the result of this is: useless meetings in which people drone on about their opinion, argue, and eventually tune out and end up checking email. You all sit in a room and waste an hour of your lives.

In the last episode we talked about the cause of this problem usually being  a search for consensus. However, there is another possible culprit: the “talk about” agenda item.

A “talk about” agenda item is when a meeting has a poorly defined agenda item that invites everyone the room to express their varying opinions and ideas on the topic. This leads to chaos, and very rarely to the solving of the original issue at hand.

Today we talk about the 3 questions that put a sharpened point on any meeting agenda item: Who are you? What do you need? Can you say it in a sentence? Through these 3 questions we identify who put the item on the agenda, why exactly, and what their definition of a solution looks like. From there we are all on the same page and working towards a solution.

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