The 5 Leadership Abilities That Change How You Do Business: Structure

With April coming to an end, so too does our series on The 5 Leadership Abilities. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, I recommend you check out each of the 5:

The 5 Leadership Abilities™ Are:

  1. Simplify
  2. Delegate
  3. Predict
  4. Systemize
  5. Structure

This week I’m going to briefly touch on the last of The 5 Leadership Abilities, Structure. I won’t actually get into too much detail here, because I have talked about Structure in great detail in other entries.



In an organization that runs on The Entrepreneurial Operating System®, structure is defined by an Accountability Chart™. That the chart that specifies the functions for which each person is responsible.


Building an Accountability Chart is no easy task. Building a good AC can take months and requires a solid understanding of your organizations Core Values™ and Vision™


I strongly suggest that, if you don’t have an Accountability Chart, you read our article on building one. But, for the purposes of demonstrating The 5 Leadership Abilities, I will give you the short version of why structure is important.


[bctt tweet=”When someone asks my what I mean by “structure” as a skill, I tell them that I mean asking a very simple question, “do we have the right structure in place to achieve our vision?” It’s as simple as that…on paper.” username=”partnerswhittle”]


Growth changes organizations in ways they never thought possible. A real estate group with 20 regional offices can’t afford to keep the structure of report it had when it had only 5. A manufacturing group that has grown by 5x in the past 10 years is probably going to need to start splitting responsibilities. The person who used to handle accounting, sales, and marketing for that company is probably stretched to the absolute limit. 


All of these cause us to ask the question: do we have the right structure to achieve our vision? Why? Because building a great structure is about building one that takes you where you want to be, not documenting the one you have in place now.




What Can You Do?

The first step is to remember that this is only the first of The 5 Leadership Abilities. I encourage you to check out the other four articles on SimplifyDelegate, Predict, and Systems. Each one is a necessary part of the equation, so be sure to also read our article on Pulling The 5 Leadership Abilities Together.

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