A Collaborative Approach To Small Business Consulting In Waco

A Collaborative Approach to Small Business Consulting In Waco

Collaboration is key for small businesses. Any small business owner or professional with small business consulting experience can tell you that.  Collaboration saves businesses heartache, it drives innovation, and builds community. That’s why we host regular collaborative workshops in Dallas and Waco. And that’s why, as a proponent of a collaborative approach to the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, I am so happy to hear about Hustle, the new entrepreneurial collaborative space that will help elevate small business consulting in Waco.


Why is Collaboration So Important?

Collaboration, done right, solves problems proactively. Getting out ahead of issues is a critical part of running a small business. Seems obvious. The real struggle is no business is capable of predicting and proactively solving every issue before it comes up.

A fact of life for small business consulting in Waco is that every small business makes missteps. That’s part of the experience; it’s how a small business grows stronger. When, however, a small business is making these mistakes on a regular basis, problems stack up faster than solutions, and the business fails.

A good way to think about this is like driving on an icy road. A patch of ice is a lot like an issue in a small business. If the patch is small, you hit it, lose a bit of control, but can course correct and be pointed in the right direction pretty quickly. If you only hit a patch every now and then, it isn’t fun, but it also isn’t the end of the world.

But, when a small business is spending as much time with its tires on the ice as it is getting Traction®, it’s spinning out of control and on a collision course with failure.


Collaboration Is Like Driving In A Caravan.

When small businesses seek a collaborative experience, they help clear the roads for each other. When one of the businesses in your network hit a patch of ice, everyone is there to help them back on course. More importantly, when you see them hit that patch of ice, you’re able to avoid it yourself.

In a real world situation collaborative entrepreneurs and small businesses are able to learn from each other’s mistakes and take steps to avoid making the same mistakes. Sure, no one gets out totally unscathed, but by learning from each other, you ensure that the mistakes are dispersed among the group. If you didn’t, each small business would have to make each mistake alone. 

Seek Collaboration, Because It Won’t Find You.

As a small business coach in Waco and Dallas,  I always encourage clients to seek collaboration. There are groups like The Southwest Entrepreneurs and Executives Forum in most cities that help to make small businesses part of a community. Hustle is a wonderful way of taking those communities and making them a physical space.

Can’t wait to see how this project turns out.


If you’re interested in collaborative entrepreneurship in the Waco or Dallas area you can start by joining one of our workshops.




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