Never Let Your Business Hit The Ceiling Again With The EOS Model

Never Let Your Business Hit The Ceiling Again With The EOS Model


When an organization stops growing and starts getting frustrated, its leadership team can really struggle to move forward. This can be caused by any number of factors, but the result is always the same: a company that is just trying to keep its head above water and a team that feels like they are losing ground. In the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)® we say that a company has “hit the ceiling.”

The bad news is that there is no easy way to rise above the ceiling. The process takes dedication and perseverance. The good news is that, just like any other building, the ceiling can be raised if you have the right tools and the right people to wield them.

One of the first tools we give people is the EOS Model™. It’s simple, actionable, and cuts straight to the point. It’s exactly the kind of thing a business that has hit the ceiling needs.

Below, we have laid out a quick explanation of the 6 core parts of EOS. Keep in mind that this is just a surface level explanation. Schedule a free 90 Minute Meeting today, if you’d like a detailed walkthrough of the EOS Model. Or, if you have questions about implementing EOS in your organization, contact us for a free consultation call.



Your company’s Vision is what sets your company down a path to long-term success. In EOS we don’t just talk about “vision” as a lofty idea. We set real, measurable goals at specific intervals. Just as important, we define who we are as a company, what makes us unique, and who exactly our clients are. All of these things combined are a Vision, a very real and very important way for not just you and your employees, but also the public to understand your company.


In the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Data is how we keep ourselves accountable for all of the other aspects of EOS. Everything we do (or want to do) is tracked and measured. This builds a system of accountability that not only helps your company grow, but identifies where and how you can improve.


Without people a business is just an empty building. Without the Right People in the Right Seats, a business will never grow to fill the building it deserves. EOS provides leadership teams with the tools and the guidance to ensure that their employees are doing the jobs that they are best built for. This keeps the company efficient and goes a long way to personal satisfaction.


Every business has them and, if solving them were easy, they wouldn’t be plaguing your every meeting or (worse) being ignored like the elephant in the room. Solving Issues is how a business takes steps forward. An Issue is like a block of wood in your backpack. It can seem like a burden until someone hands you a hammer and nails. Suddenly you’re taking building a ladder to success. EOS gives you the hammer and the nails you need to solve Issues in a way that builds your business.


In an EOS world we define our processes. We research, review, and define every step of what we do. We write that process down. And we make sure every person in the organization knows it. Why? When a process is ill defined (or not defined at all), finding the weakness in it is nearly impossible. And, when people in the organization don’t understand the process, they can struggle to understand their role in it.


Traction is what makes the machine work. When the rubber meets the road, things get done. In an EOS World a leadership team is held accountable for not just quarterly goals, but weekly goals as well. Meetings are productive and decisions get made. When Issues arise, the reasons are apparent, because the process and ownership are defined. In an EOS world, nobody is spinning their wheels.


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You can also visit EOS Worldwide’s blog or buy a copy of the book Traction by Gino Wickman and never hit the ceiling again.



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