Family Business Pit Shop: Episode 11 – Structuring A Start Up


Professional small business consultants and father and son duo Jeff and Clayton give strategies for success in running a small business, family business, or start up. After years as implementers of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a system that has helped 4000 businesses break through the ceiling, Jeff and Clayton are expanding their small business, and want to share their unique perspective in bringing the Entrepreneurial Operating System to a small business.


In this episode of The Family Business Pit Stop Jeff and Clayton break their normal format as Clayton brings up the idea of structuring a start up. Jeff shares his experience in structuring a start up, along with some of the major missteps he has seen clients and colleagues make over the years.

This episode takes a much more conversational tone and doesn’t really touch on any major concepts of the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ . For that reason, we haven’t included the normally detailed show notes and links to relevant tools.

Instead, we’ll just drop in some very valuable advice: If you are curious about structuring a start up business, do your research and make your decisions now! Financial structure isn’t something that can wait!

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Jeff Whittle Dallas EOS Implementer

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Jeff Whittle founded and launched Whittle & Partners in 2011.  Before that, Jeff practiced law in Dallas for 15 years and has an additional 20 years of executive business experience. He has run businesses ranging from startups to 300-employee operations.