EOS Vision And A Strategy For The Future Of Your Company

EOS® Vision And A Strategy For The Future Of Your Company


Modern businesses toss the term “vision” around a lot these days. Consultants and colleagues alike will tell you that you need a “vision” without ever telling what exactly a vision is. Plenty will even tell you that their “vision” is the right one for you. Unfortunately, for all their good intentions, a (lower case “v”) vision is little more than a goal. However, by creating clear and measurable metrics for your company that are guided by an actual system of achieving them you can build an EOS ®Vision™ that guides you towards growth.

What Is An EOS Vision?

Unlike a vision, a Vision relies on measurable goals and clearly defined intentions. The wording here is more critical than you may, at first, think. An EOS Vision is  clearly defined and it can be shared and understood by every member of the company. Unlike a vision, that is a loose goal, an EOS Vision can be printed and handed to every employee, who then knows exactly where the company is going and how it plans to get there.

Preventing Bad Vision..

First, don’t stare at a computer screen for too long…joking, of course.

The real first step to preventing a bad vision is by downloading the EOS Vision/Traction Organizer (or V/TO).  The document will help you set your EOS Core Values, Core Focus, 3-Year Picture, 10-Year Target, and Marketing Strategy.

This simple document gives your company a foundation on which it can grow and a guiding star for all of the employees to follow.


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