EOS Core Values: Demonstrate To Elevate

EOS Core Values: Demonstrate To Elevate


Anyone familiar with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)® knows that identifying EOS Core Values for your company is a key step in having a real Vision. EOS Core Values guide the company in every decision, from whom they hire to their 10-Year Target. As a Dallas leadership coach and EOS Implementer, I have a lot of clients who understand the importance of Core Values. What many forget, though, is that they need to demonstrate those Core Values every day.

Why Does Your Company Need Core Values?

A Core Value is a critical part of guiding your company’s decisions. These short snippets or phrases capture, at a glance, the personality and culture of your company. Core Values range from explaining moral grounding (Honesty & Integrity) to encouraging a casual office (We Have Fun). When you define your Core Values and make decisions based on them, the benefits are immediate and apparent:

  • You attract the right people to your company. When your company has a real culture it attracts like minded individuals. Those individuals fit in and reinforce the culture, increasing company efficiency and overall morale.
  • You define how you do business. EOS Core Values set clear guidelines for employees on how they should approach relationships with each other, clients, customers, or other businesses.
  • You announce to the world  the kind of company your are. A Core Value is a public statement as much as it is an internal policy. Your Core Values go a long way towards starting B2B relationships off on the right foot. That’s why we have ours right here on our website.
  • You identify employees that don’t fit. Sometimes a good person just isn’t the right fit. Core Values create a metric by which you can learn who fits in with your company culture and who doesn’t.

[bctt tweet=”When your company has a real culture it attracts like minded individuals. Those individuals fit in and reinforce the culture, increasing company efficiency and overall morale.” username=”partnerswhittle”]

Be sure to read this quick guide on the right way to go about setting Core Values.

The Price Of Not Demonstrating Core Values

I tell my clients demonstrating Core Values is what makes them real. Doesn’t matter if this is an EOS client or one of my Leadership Coaching clients. Your company can say it has Core Values, but until the leadership team makes them a part of every day, they are just words on a piece of paper.

I hear CEOs and small business owners say these things far too often:

  • We are growing too fast to worry about our Core Values.
  • We have Core Values, but we can’t worry about them every day. We’re too busy.
  • Not everyone really believes in our Core Values.

It’s far too easy to put Core Values aside when you are charging towards growth and profit. But, when you don’t demonstrate those Core Values, you create toxic situations that lead to much harder problems in the long run.

Here’s How To Live By Your Core Values

Make Your Core Values Ubiquitous

Announce your Core Values: Your Core Values aren’t just for you.  They are supposed to be the values that guide and define every person in your company. The first thing a leader should do is announce the company’s Core Values. If you’ve already done so, keep announcing them until people remember them. Once rarely does the trick. Announce them in quarterly meetings, a newsletter, or however you communicate with your team. Just announce them.

Show them everywhere: A Core Value is something that people should feel guided by. If you want the people in your company to feel guided by something, they need to be reminded of it regularly. Posters, signs, coffee mugs, whatever it takes. Out of sight is out of mind. If your employees don’t see the values, they won’t live by them.

Reward Employees That Demonstrate Your Core Values

Rewards come in big or small packages. Here are a few quick ideas on how to reward employees:

  • Mentioning employees in newsletters / meetings for their excellence in demonstrating Core Values
  • Giving small gifts (like a coffee mug) with the Core Value that person demonstrated written on it
  • Color coded wristbands for excellence in a specific Core Value
  • Whatever you do, make it visible. You’re creating a company culture, and the faster people see that, the faster they reinforce it.

Use The People Analyzer

The People Analyzer is a tool from the EOS Toolbox that encourages healthy conversation about a person’s role in a company. This tool focuses on their ability (and willingness) to demonstrate Core Values and their GWC (Get it – Want it – Capacity to do it). You can download the People Analyzer here and watch our brief video on how to deploy it in your business.

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