A Proven Tool For Work Life Balance For Small Business Owners and Executives

Personal Rocks: A Proven Tool For Work Life Balance For Small Business Owners

Work life balance for small business owners and executives. It’s a phrase that almost sounds like an oxymoron in today’s hyper-competitive world. Too many small business owners work life balance means sleeping at least 6 hours a night and having one meal a week with their spouse.  Anything beyond that seems unbelievable.

As an online business consultant I have read a lot of great articles with tips and tricks for executive and small business time management. So, today I will introduce a proven tool from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)® that can be  give measurable, provable, sustainable work life balance for small business owners.

Why Does Work Life Balance Matter?

There are some very real consequences of not maintaining work life balance.

  • According to psychology today, a lack of balance can cause burnout
  • MentalHealth.org reported that poor balance prevents us from doing the things that prevent depression, anxiety, and long-term mental health
  • Medical News Today even reported that a lack of balance can even cause decades long health problems later in life

Use Rocks To Achieve Organizational Goals

We’ve already talked about the many ways that using Rocks can help you achieve company goals. That’s a key part of the 90 Day World that EOS businesses live in.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System teaches that Rocks are the cornerstone goals of your business in a quarter. These arwhittleandpartners.com/…/dallas-traction-learn-to-run-your-business-on-a-90-day-worlde the goals that you need to reach to keep growing. You can read more about Rocks in the book Traction by Gino Wickman, but the simple description is:

  • A Rock is measurable
  • A Rock is binary (either you achieved it or you didn’t; no half ways)
  • A Rock is realistic
  • A Rock is part of reaching a larger annual goal

You can learn more about setting your company rocks (and actually achieving them) here. As an example, here are the current rocks for Whittle & Partners:

  • Curriculum Finalized
  • 1 Cohort Initiated
  • 5 good leads in the pipeline
  • 2 new active clients
  • 1800 minutes of guitar practice
  • 1 good vacation

Use Rocks To Create Work Life Balance For Your Small Business

In a larger company the Rocks only reflect the organizational goals. However, in a small business work life balance of the owner is an organizational goal. Without balance the company is unsustainable. As you can see, my company goals include things like guitar practice and vacation.

Why? Those are goals for my personal growth. Achieving them will make me happier, healthier, and more willing to continue as a small business owner.

How To Decide Your Personal Rocks

First, write down everything you’d like to achieve in the next year. Everything.

Next, identify the items that could be achieved in 3 months. 

The remaining items are too big to be a Rock, because they can’t be achieved in 3 months. But that doesn’t mean we ignore them. No, these are important to you, that’s why you wrote them down. Break these down into smaller goals that lead to the larger goal.

Choose 2-3 items from your list and add these to your company Rocks.

Succeed. A Rock defines success for the quarter. Your job is to reach that Rock. Your new Rock is work life balance for a small business owner, so, go out and achieve it.


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