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How many times have you begun the day with a small set of priorities that you want to accomplish, only to find that by the end of the day that you had totally forgotten about them and none of them got accomplished?  It’s a great practice to have your most important daily tasks identified, but too often that exercise pays no dividends because we launch ourselves into the chaos of a day and lose track of what those critical few things are.

Prepare yourself for a low-tech high-impact solution, courtesy of my great friend Steven Neuner at Alkali Benefits in Dallas.

Like all of us Steven is a very busy guy.  At the beginning of every day he takes the time to identify three priorities that he wants to accomplish by the end of that day.  What’s different about Steven is that he doesn’t forget those priorities.  In fact, he has a simple way to make sure that he’s reminded about those priorities over and over, no matter how busy he gets.

He writes the three priorities on a sticky note and he places the note on the display side of his telephone.

The busier he gets, the more frequently he’s reminded of his important commitments.  He doesn’t forget what he wants to get done because he sees his list over and over and over as he texts, reviews email, checks his calendar and makes phone calls over the course of his busy day.

I think it’s genius.  In a world of flashing and beeping reminders that come too fast to process Steven uses a simple but effective way to ensure that his “must-do’s” don’t slip his mind.  I’ve tried it, and it works.

Solutions don’t have to be high-tech to be amazing.  And this one is.  Thanks Steven.


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