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Archive for July 2017

Task Management

How many times have you begun the day with a small set of priorities that you want to accomplish, only to find that by the end of the day that you had totally forgotten about them and none of them got accomplished?  It’s a great practice to have your most important daily tasks identified, but…

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The critical question when setting great goals

  The critical question when setting great goals   The easiest thing in the world to do is to set a lousy goal.  You’ve probably done it before, and if you manage people you’ve almost definitely seen it happen. What makes for a lousy goal?  Ambiguity and generalities.  See if any of these “goals” sound…

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Three Ideas for Managing Your Underperforming Sacred Cows

  I had a great conversation yesterday with a group of CEO’s who were wrestling with a thorny problem.  Each of them had people on their teams that just weren’t getting the job done, but the CEO’s felt powerless to do anything about it because each employee in their own way was a “sacred cow”. …

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