Are You Working Your Management Magic?

In the last blog we shared the first of the three Management Magic Questions to help you stop taking on the problems of people you manage.  If you’ve tried Magic Question Number One, I’ll bet you’ve already seen a change in the way your team interacts with you.  So now let’s take it to the next level.

Let’s reset the stage.  In step one someone tried to wash their hands of a problem and kick it over to you to solve for them.   But instead of immediately adding that problem to your own list of things to worry about you asked Magic Question Number One.  Right?  And that question is…

Management Magic Question 2: “What do you recommend?”

Good team members perked up and gave you a suggestion (and the more challenging ones were enthusiastically invited to return when they had one).  Eventually you get a suggestion.  Might be brilliant, might be idiocy.  And you might be tempted to charge ahead and endorse that recommendation.  Don’t.  You’re not ready.  You have two more questions to go.  Your next question is….

“What options did you consider?”

What a great sucker punch, right!?  Here’s your message.  I’m glad you have a proposal.  Really glad  But don’t just bring me any old solution, bring me the one that’s emerged in your thinking as the best of several options.  You thought about options, right?  You didn’t just bring me the first potential solution that popped into your head, right?

Good team member lays out the various options that were considered and rejected.  Challenging team member mumbles and stutters and ultimately proves to both of you that they didn’t really consider any options.  Thank you very much, you say, and feel free to come back when you can lay out the options.  Next, please.

What does Management Magic Question Number Two do?  It gets you people in the habit of critical problem solving.  They start to look at options and lay out a richer landscapes of potential solutions for you both to discuss.  And when that happens, you’re almost done.

Tomorrow, Magic Question Number Three.

Business is tough.  Hang in.  If we can help you, just let us know.

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