To Get Stuff Done, Stop Multitasking Things

It’s tempting to stay busy just for the sake of feeling busy.  Spin lots of plates.  Keep lots of balls in the air.  You know the drill.  Answer email during the conference call.  Text while you’re driving.   The more things you can multitask at one time, the more effective you are, right?

Turns out that couldn’t be more wrong.

You’ve probably read the stories lately confirming that people who try  multitasking simply aren’t as effective as those who focus their attention on what they’re doing and block out all the extraneous noise.  This isn’t theory.  It’s fact.  The research is in.  Humans aren’t built to effectively multitask.

Working on multiple things at the same time slows us down.  In my work with business owners one of the most effective exercised we do is to simply pick a single project and spend 15 minutes working on nothing but that.  We drill into the action items.  We set goals and milestones.  We ask questions and make decisions.

And we make real, meaningful progress.

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed just stop.  Close your email, turn off your cell phone and sit down to work on one thing.  Ignore everything else.

I’ll bet you get something done.


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