How To Be A Bad Boss: Annoying Your Administrative Assistant

As if you don’t have enough to worry about, now you’ve got the HR department breathing down your neck because your administrative assistant said bad things about you in his 360 degree review.  Think you have to take that?  I think not.  Let’s show that ingrate how to be a bad boss.


If you weren’t a more important person than your administrative assistant, then you wouldn’t be the boss, right?  You wouldn’t have a better title and you wouldn’t have an admin.  Make sure no one forgets it, least of all your admin.  Don’t look up when you talk to them.  Toss work into their inbox without explanation.  Look annoyed when they interrupt.  It’s their job to do your bidding.  Make sure they know you like it that way.

Tell, Don’t Ask:  

Asking is something you do when someone has a choice whether to give you what you ask for.  You don’t have to ask your admin to do something, you just tell.  Forget standard courtesies like “please”, that’s for peers, and your admin isn’t one.  It doesn’t matter to you whether the timing of a command is convenient or even conducive to getting your bidding done right.  That isn’t your problem.  Your job is to fill up your admin’s task list with whatever you deem appropriate at the time.  You have better things to worry about.

Ignore Their Personal Life:  

Your admin has kids?  Who cares.  Sick relative?  You didn’t learn how to be a bad boss so you could help people. What are you, a counselor?  Work is work and life is life – they can leave their lives at the door.  The moment you become a human instead of a boss, you introduce equalization into the relationship.  That can’t happen.  If you cared about their life you’d ask them about it, and you sure don’t intend to make that mistake.  If it happens to come up on its own, be very quick to make it clear that youcouldn’t possibly care less.  Make fun of them for even bringing it up.  Call one of your colleagues within your admin’s earshot and make fun of it some more.  They’ll get the picture.


Nothing says “I’m in charge and you’re not” better than pushing someone around simply because you can.  Change due dates without notice.  Insist that all mistakes are not your fault and demand an immediate explanation.  Bring shortcomings to light publicly and in front of other people.  Make sure they feel like a commodity that you can treat however you want, there’s plenty more where they came from.

Trust me, these work.

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