How to Rule Your To-Do List

When you work with busy business owners, you hear a lot of the same things over and over.  One of the most typical refrains is “I never seem to get anything on my to do list done”.  There’s a way to fix that.  And it’s easy.  Follow this recipe.


You’ve heard it a zillion times, but it’s true…every journey starts with a single step.  If you don’t start it, you definitely won’t finish it, and the longer things languish on the “jeez, I gotta get to that” list, the more likely it is that you won’t start.  Want to get something done?  Start it.


How many times have you started something only to find yourself five minutes later sending an email to someone about the blog you read that was kind of on the topic you were thinking about when your mind wandered two minutes into your task?  There’s a growing body of work suggesting that we simply aren’t meant to multi-task, and tons of evidence suggesting that it isn’t efficient.  When you start something, focus on that and nothing else.  If it’s a task you can’t finish in one sitting then allocate a specific period of time and don’t do anything else until that time is up.


Getting something almost done isn’t the same as getting something done.  Push yourselfto work all the way through a task in the allotted time.  Progress is good, but the goal is to finish.  Within the time you’ve allotted to get something done, make a concerted effort to get it DONE.


Get after the next item.  The satisfaction of completion feeds on itself.  Build momentum and enjoy the process of marking things off your list.

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